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Luka Symons on Microbiome and Good Health | Ep. 002

by Sascha Kalivoda

Some may say that we only are only as strong as our microbiome – it is that important. So what does that mean for our health in todays’ world of sanitizing, masking, social distancing and so on?

In this episode, the lovely Luka Symons, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, gives us tips on how to achieve health and her top four tips for supporting a thriving, diverse microbiome. (Spoiler…none of the tips she gives correspond with any of the recommendations being touted today for virus protection.)

This one is a tear-jerker at times as Luka gets into how taking care of our health and our children is key in being a good ancestor – a view we need to take, in my opinion, if we are to survive this 6th greatest extinction that we are currently in.


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