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Bringing wisdom back into the home.

I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and un-learn most of it.

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Imani Mamalution and the Mother’s Revolution – It’s Time Mamas!   

| Ep. 003

by Sascha Kalivoda

Imani has been busy moderating and organizing conscious conversations with world-renowned experts to bring inspiration and the most up to date, groundbreaking information in a time of disinformation and perpetual media fear-mongering.

Through her book, The Presence/Absence of Soil, she addresses the key topics that are limiting and harming the health of humans, and more importantly, our children. We get into many topics in this conversation, including the role of mothers, why we need to connect with like-minded people, ideas to navigate these days, and more. Imani can be found on facebook and on several sites, see links below.

Please check these resources out and sign up for their mailing lists. Life might get uncomfortable in the near future, so we must stay connected to help us get us through these uncertain times. I do have faith that we will overcome!


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