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Naomi Aldort on Raising Our Children in Today’s World (pt. 2) 

| Ep. 006

by Sascha Kalivoda

Naomi and I continue our conversation about parenting in today’s world, and we learn what she would do if her children were young in this current situation. Knowing that this option is not available to all, she also talks about other ways to ensure that the mental and physical health of our children remain intact.

Naomi talks about harms that may come to children as a result of masks and why to encourage them to not take on a world view through the lens of the mask.

She explains how children are resilient, how the home environment is key and how our power is taken from us in the areas pregnancy and parenting, and even from our children in how they are raised and educated.

We end the conversation around how Naomi doesn’t believe in ‘believing’ and how in order to believe something, it proves there is no evidence that it’s true.

Naomi is a wealth of knowledge and experience, having raised 3 boys via the approach she teaches. She has helped parents around the world reconsider their ideas around parenting and has helped them transform their family relationships. If you are struggling, or simply want to be the best parent you can be, check out Naomi at:


Naomi Aldort’s Website

Authentic Parent

Naomi’s Book 

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