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Derek Fleming on Thriving with Traditional Medicine and Tonic Herbs | Ep. 007

by Sascha Kalivoda

In this episode Derek Fleming, the founder of New Earth Organics (a tonic herb company in Alberta, Canada) goes into why the western medical system is failing us and what we can learn from traditional medicines and approaches to nutrition.

We get into seasonal eating, cultural differences around the understanding of the impacts of different foods on our physiology, why nutrition dogmas are leading us down the wrong path and why going with the flow of nature may better serve us to cultivate robust health.

Derek goes into which foods and flavours we should be focussing on for the fall to help you thrive and help you stay healthy this season. He also talks about grains, a vilified food group, and how they can be a nourishing food option at certain times of the year and how the rules that we apply to eating, though may be helpful in the short term, may be causing harm and separation from nature and our hearts in the long term.

And so many more healthy nuggets and tips in this conversation, including why tonic herbs can be a wonderful addition to anyone’s routine. Enjoy!

For more about Derek and New Earth Organics:

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