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Brett Hawes on Building Resilience | Ep. 008

by Sascha Kalivoda


Brett Hawes knew early on that there was something amiss with the medical system as, during his first job in Canada as maintenance in a senior’s facility, he watched the health of the elderly slowly decline as a result of the western medical model. This fuelled him to learn more and led to studies in multiple forms of natural medicine.

In this episode we dive into many areas, the first being on how to build resiliency and what that looks like for the individual and the community. We are divided in our communities and Brett shares his opinion on how to restore unified communities, and what mental, physical and immune resilience looks like.

We also touch on current events and Brett explains the PCR testing for C*V1D and how effective it is (or isn’t) and also concerns he has about fast tracking a v@x that is meant to widely distributed throughout the population, when the average time to produce a v@x is about 20 years.

Brett focuses on many areas in his practice, including GI health, so if you are ailing in this area, as so many are, he may be able to help you! 

Brett’s Website

Links from the show:

Vax Development

HCQ smear campaign

Children’s Health Defense (Canadian site not yet ready at this date)

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