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Dr. Barre Lando on Germ Theory, Terrain Theory and Building a Healthy Terrain | Ep. 010

by Sascha Kalivoda


Dr. Barre Lando has a laundry list of credentials and expertise. He knew from early on that the western medical model would not be the path he would ultimately follow as he was interested in health and healing over suppressing and medicating, and sought out education in multiple fields of natural health. He was a high performance athlete in his earlier days and now combines his love for athletics, medicine, farming and his vision into Alfa Vedic, found at

In this interview Dr. Barre discusses the fallacy of germ theory and how resonance and other factors play a role in so-called communicable diseases. We start the conversation talking about one of my favourite herbs that I enjoy regularly as a tea, gynostemma, or jiaogulan, and its myriad of benefits, which notably includes extended longevity.

We also get into the topic of viruses and what they are, and finish off with Dr. Barre’s tips on creating a healthy terrain. Considering all his credentials and expertise, you will be surprised at how simple his recommendations are.

I really enjoyed this conversation and appreciate both Dr. Barre’s intelligence and humility. Listen and learn – health does not have to be that complicated!


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