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Amandha Vollmer on Germ Theory, Dental Health and the Wonders of DMSO | Ep. 011

by Sascha Kalivoda


I love Amandha’s brain! She is an intelligent and knowledgeable woman who is unapologetic in her approach to educating the public on the truth of how to cultivate health and uncovering the weaknesses of the modern medical model. She says it like it is and isn’t afraid to do so, and that is a quality that I greatly appreciate.

In this interview we talk germ theory, the truth around viruses, how dental health is crucial to our total physical health and how the teeth are the ‘spark plugs’ of the body. We also go into the wonders of DMOS, which is something I always have in my medicine cabinet and have started to use much more freely since recording this interview.

We finish with some of Amandha’s recommendations of what to do to prepare for what may be coming in these uncertain times. Some great tips and advice here.

Amandha creates beautiful, natural and effective personal care products that you can explore in person if you are in Ontario at her store YumNaturals, or you can shop online at her website.


To learn more about Amandha and to contact her:

YumNaturals Store

Amandha’s Official Website

Healing with DMSO

Amandha’s Patreon Page

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