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Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova on the Limbic Imprint and Quality of Life | Ep. 013

by Sascha Kalivoda


I had the pleasure of meeting Elena almost 10 years ago when I organized a Limbic Imprint Recoding Birthshop. I came across her work in the conscious pregnancy and birthing space when I developed a program on such matters after having my son in 2009 (just getting this material back online by the way), and the wisdom of her work sticks with me to this day.

Elena’s film “Birth As We Know It” has been translated into 12 languages and has spread into 58 countries. In her film she depicts how uneventful, or even joyful, the act of giving birth can be – a far cry from the dramatic scenes of television and movies.

In this conversation, Elena explains the ‘limbic imprint’ and how it affects all aspects of our lives. The limbic brain is formed is formed while in the womb and in our early formative years, and the quality of gestation, birth and our early years hugely affects the quality of adults we become. In fact, Elena has stated in the past:

“…if our early impressions are anything less than loving, then that ‘anything’ imprints in our nervous system as a valid experience of love, regardless of how those experiences might have been. And throughout our life, we will subconsciously recreate the conditions and feelings that were imprinted at birth and early childhood, because in spite of all logic, those experiences are our comfort zone.”

Elena is a visionary, filmmaker, author, workshop facilitator and spiritual midwife whose work has directly and positively impacted countless of people across the world. Whether you are a man or woman, a parent or childless, young or old, Elena’s message is relevant for all.


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