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I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and un-learn most of it.

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Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting (Time Sensitive Announcement) | Ep. 014

by Sascha Kalivoda


I am excited to announce that I am re-releasing my online program, Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide!

This is a program I created after having my son in 2009 which consists of interviews with leading experts in the fields of energy and consciousness, genetics, pregnancy and birthing, nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, parenting and more. You will recognize names such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Naomi Aldort and more.

If anything comes out of 2020, I hope it’s a re-focus and re-evaluation of how we bring our children into this world, how we raise them and how we educate them. The future lies with our children and every time we interact with them we are literally ‘touching the future’, as Michael Mendizza says.

This program has some new content, with more new content on the way. However, the bulk of the information contained within the program is timeless and is relevant to All humans at any time of their life.

I used to sell this program for $297, but now, for a limited time, it is just $47 AND if you sign up by January 6th, 2021 at midnight, you get a spot for FREE for a live online nutrition class I am putting on at the end of January.

In my opinion this is amazing value, so I hope you take advantage of it. The field of pre- and peri-natal psychology has given us insight into human development and behaviour for several decades now, but the information is yet to be mainstream. I intend to change that with this program and inspire parents and parents-to-be around the world to make their health, their children and their families a top priority.

Thank you for checking it out. If you like what you find, please share around. I’ve made it affordable so that it is accessible to mostly everyone. This is information that NEEDS to be shared so that we can correct this crash course that humanity is on before it’s too late. We have to decide to make it so!

Remember, $47 for a limited time PLUS a free class if you sign up by end of day January 6th.

Here is where you can find it:

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