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Daniel Vitalis on Ending the Cycles of Sickness in our Children | Ep. 015

by Sascha Kalivoda


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Daniel has deep knowledge on restoring health and there are so many applicable tips and insights in this interview.

Daniel Vitalis is on a mission to re-wild the planet and to continually move towards living on this planet as the original indigenous people did – harmoniously and full of robust vigour. Luckily for us he’s educating us along the whole way, providing us with many growth opportunities and tips for improving the quality of our lives and that of future generations. He is a well known speaker and educator, and today in 2020 he is the producer of the show WildFed.

This is an interview that covers a lot of ground and can be controversial for some. Note, if you are a raw vegan, a portion of this interview may not please you, but please do consider what Daniel says. Here is some of what you will learn:

– The main factor governing how indigenous cultures choose their foods

– How we have traditionally supported healthy procreation for generations

– The key to developing a healthy nervous system in our babies

– A major factor affecting modern fertility rates

– Why we need to intentionally develop our fecundity

– How some men are losing some of their innate ‘manly-ness’

– The power of epigenetics and how gene expression is controlled

– 3 major changes we can do today to ensure the health of future generations

– How to harmonize our ‘habitats’

– Whether raising babies as raw vegans is a good idea

– The multiple benefits of consuming colostrum

– What Daniel the future dad may look like and the environment and experiences he sees for the healthy development of his future child


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