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Katherine Kowalchuk and Mike Worthington on Current Events 2020 | Ep. 016

by Sascha Kalivoda

Katherine Kowalchuck is a lawyer and Mike Worthington is an engineer, and together they have taken it upon themselves to help disseminate truth in light of reality not reflecting the facts of the research they are uncovering.

Katherine has been practicing law in the Province of Alberta since 2003, and though Katherine’s main focus is family law, she has turned her attention to uncover the implications of citizen’s rights in the face of C*v1d 19(84).

Mike is a practicing professional engineer and business owner who is currently devoting much of his personal time to researching our current government policy decisions with respect to the available data. His research has found that the restrictions and measures are not based on science and causing much more harm than any measurable benefit.

We go into many topics of the current situation and to dive deeper into any one of these areas, see the links below:

C*v1d-19 politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science:

Spanish Flu:“spanish-flu”?fbclid=IwAR1kFEmzizWL2YJIjRt7A84_CtlNz987fUUY16UoYMVxzgifqAUPCR9rA4A

Cloth masks causing increased rate of influenza-like-illness:

External peer review of Corman-Drosten paper on validity of PCR testing:

Ontario Nurses Association wins case against masks in 2015 and 2018:’%20Association%20(ONA,policy%20in%20effect%20at%20St.&text=Michael’s%20Hospital%2C%20which%20was%20the,6%20decision%2C%20found%20that%20St.

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