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Maria Whalen on Gaining Your Health Freedom

| Ep. 017

by Sascha Kalivoda

Maria Whalen is a pretty private person, but she has shared the stage with many, including David Wolfe, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield and more, and has spoken all around the world.

She is a pioneer, an innovator, an inventor and a warrior, and if you are ill, she is someone you want to get know. She teaches you to have invincible health, and in today’s world, that is definitely not the standard.

Maria is a proponent of teaching you how to be truly free when it comes to your health. She went through her own journey of being unwell to overcome it all, including to have a daughter (and now another baby!) that she was told she would never be able to have.

Maria believes that anything the body creates the body can heal. This puts the power in your court, which is not the way the conventional medical system works. And in order to do this, Maria explains the 5 places that your body heals EVERYTHING from.

If you are dealing with illness and have not been able to overcome, reach out and I will put you in touch with Maria. But get ready to do the work, because only you can do it for you and only your body can do the healing.

If you are interested in connecting with Maria, please let me know and I will pass her information on!


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