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Takota Coen on Regenerative Agriculture | Ep. 018

by Sascha Kalivoda

Is sustainable enough? Is organic enough? According to Takota Coen of Coen Farm, no, they aren’t. He believes we must go once step further and start regenerating our farms and ecosystems, and this is exactly what he is doing and teaching to others.

The transformation of Coen Farm over the last decades is nothing short of remarkable. Takota’s parents realized years ago that they could no longer ignore the declining health of their land and decided to remove all chemical fertilizers and biocides. Over the years they have seen their land rejuvenate in ways that many would not think possible.

The mission of Coen Farm is to provide nutrient-dense food, permaculture education and an empowered community to regenerate the planet and its people.

Not only are the massive modern factory farm operations of today not sustainable, they are a scourge on the planet raising sick animals in inhumane conditions and are major environmental polluters. The answer lies, as in so many other cases, in the decentralization of farming operations. To this end, Takota envisions a family farm on every quarter section.

In this podcast you will learn about the difference between organic and regenerative farming, why certification is not the best way to go, how government subsidies misrepresent the true cost of food, the main elements and goals of regenerative agriculture, how Takota deals with predators on their land, how to preserve the integrity of soil with cover cropping and more.

I really enjoyed this interview and I know you will too!

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