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Laura Uplinger on the Light and Darkness of Humanity

| Ep. 022

by Sascha Kalivoda

I have now had the great privilege of interviewing the wonderful Laura Uplinger twice – the first time being for my program Your Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Guide (which you can find here:, where Laura talks about the power of conscious conception and the events that go into forming our world and self views before and after we are born.

In this interview we touch on some of the darkest aspects of human behaviour that his coming more to light in our current, uncertain times… that concerning the harm and trafficking of children.

Laura is an educator and life-long student in the field of conscious pre-conception, prenatal and perinatal parenting. For over 30 years she has promoted prenatal and perinatal education, conducting workshops and speaking at symposiums, forums and conferences in Europe, North America and South America.

Laura deeply believes in the power of humanity to overcome, to know itself, to do good on this planet. Yet, she is deeply aware of the darkness among us and the harm that is coming to millions of innocent children.

What is it that allows for a human to harm another? To abuse another? To take advantage of a being much smaller and less powerful than oneself? Laura shares her thoughts and ideas on these tough questions, which are rooted in the deep wisdom she has gained over many years of studying, learning and lecturing on the impact of our pre- and perinatal conditions that shape who we become.

The mother-child bond is a powerful force, and it has been manipulated historically to shape humanity. The importance of this bond is no secret, yet the impact of the quality of our earliest beginnings is not material that is taught and shared with the masses. Instead, those in power use it to their advantage to gain the power they seek over individuals and societies.

The world is facing dark times to be sure, but Laura’s over-arching message is one of trust and belief in the power of humanity to overcome, for truth to be revealed, for the individual to step into their true selves and fulfill their ultimate purpose.

It is up to each and every one of us to go within, to recognize and feel what is really true. The children of the earth and the future of humanity literally depends on it.


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