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Michale Hartte on Being Slim, Strong and Sexy with Ease

| Ep. 025

by Sascha Kalivoda

Women! This one is for you!

Are you feeling run down and tired and not in the best shape of your life?

Are you feeling that you have a purpose while in this body in this lifetime, but you just don’t have the energy to fully activate and fulfill that purpose?

Like I said, this interview is for you. Michale Hartte is passionate about helping women improve their health so that they can better show up for themselves and their families.

Michale has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science with a specialty in Nutrition form Ontario’s Edison Institute of Nutrition. She is a Registered Nutrition Therapist, a Chartered Herbalist, and a Certified Biotherapeutic Drainage Practitioner. On top of that, she has worked with legends like Bob Proctor, creating the nutritional plan in his book, The Science of Perfect Weight – A new way of thinking, eating, and living to achieve your perfect weight.

I personally feel that it is time for the feminine to rise…but how can we do that if we are tired, out of shape and have a head full of fog? That’s where Michale’s group coaching program comes in. She is passionate about helping you find and become your best self.

Here are just some of the things we get into in this interview:

  • The story of how at a young age Michale’s body was ageing before its time and how she reversed it all
  • Michale’s fundamental pillars in her approach to health and wellness
  • How if you feel crappy during a detox, this is a detox gone bad
  • The key binder she recommends to her clients to ensure the toxins released by the body are caught for removal
  • How she is trained to see where you are holding your toxins and how to get them out
  • How her program provides you with a template for a daily routine so that you can create new habits and how it is a ‘done for you’ program customized for you
  • Her recommendations around intermittent fasting depending on whether a woman is menstruating or not
  • How her program will help you break the pattern of exercising more and eating less to get guaranteed results
  • The form of exercise women need to embrace to ensure the building of muscle, a well modulated immune system, healthy blood sugar levels, strong bones and resilience into old age
  • The amount of exercise Michale puts into maintaining her lean body (she is ripped, and it takes less time than you think!)
  • How chronic cardio may be ageing you
  • How Michale reversed her osteoporosis
  • How food signals different hormonal cascades in the body and how your choices may be working against you
  • The importance of good quality sleep to efficiently burn fat
  • Why snacking all day is not the fat burning way
  • How her plan helps you tap into your body’s wisdom as to how much you need to eat
  • How she solves the problems around good nutrition even if you think you are too busy for it
  • Why group coaching is a key aspect of her program 

This interview was glitchy and I even lost Michale for a few seconds, (which I decided to not edit out), but the information and Michale’s message is clear. 

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Michale is gearing up for another group of 10 women looking to be their best selves this June! To learn more about that, take advantage of Michale’s free offer to see if her program is a good fit for you:

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At the end of the call, Michale will map out the best strategy for you to get started right away with more clarity & confidence.

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