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Naomi Aldort on the Benefits of Self-directed Learning and the Harms of Conventional Schooling Part 1 | Ep. 027

by Sascha Kalivoda

I always get so much out of my interviews with Naomi Aldort. The degree of respect she has for children makes her stand out among other educators, counsellors, parenting coaches, etc. She has undying faith in the natural unrolling of development and learning that occurs in children as they grow and mature if we simply let them be and allow them to choose.

Naomi is a world-renowned parenting guide, speaker, workshop leader and author. She has travelled the world inspiring parents to truly ‘see’ their children and help them navigate their parenting journey to one of ease and peace.

In this first part of our 2-part interview we focus on educating our children – what it really is and how it may not need be what you have always thought it should be.

I guarantee this interview will cause you to look at how you parent and inspire you to question what education truly is. And I know you will appreciate the respect that Naomi brings to her approach to education and parenting in general.

Even if you don’t have kids, or your children have already gone through school, I think you’ll get a lot out of this interview.

In part one of this interview, we get into various topics, including:

  • A list of what children ‘learn’ in school…and I don’t mean the curriculum, but rather the unfortunate side effects and how they impact the development of children and their self- and world-views
  • How to mitigate these side effects and advocate for your child if you are in a position where you must put your child in school
  • How school is actually disrespectful of your child and dishonours their right and need to express their true selves and individuality
  • How the school system has impacted your parenting
  • How most alternative forms of school are rooted in an authoritarian model
  • Democratic schools explained
  • The ease of learning when the material is introduced at the appropriate age
  • The importance of the child of devising their own methods of learning
  • Why you should not worry if your child is a late reader, and how learning to read a bit later can be beneficial
  • Naomi’s approach to when your child wants lessons, classes, etc.
  • The question of teaching math and reading to your child, and of course, the big question of socialization if your child is not attending school
  • Naomi’s approach to birthdays

“Every time you intervene, you ruin God’s plan.”

~ Naomi Aldort


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