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Naomi Aldort on the Benefits of Self-directed Learning Part 2

| Ep. 028

by Sascha Kalivoda

In this second of a 2-part interview with Naomi, we continue the discussion on the benefits of self-directed learning and go into more benefits of such a way of raising our children, and some advice for parents as well.

In this interview, Naomi touches on:

  • Common traits of children, teens and adults who have lived a life of self-directed learning (hint, these are very strong traits!)
  • How emotional resilience can be cultivated when one grows up in a free environment
  • How these traits are not common in society today
  • The power of emotional resilience
  • The flow in the life of the self-directed learner
  • Advice for the parent who is resistant to homeschooling or who has a preconceived idea of what education needs to look like
  • The importance of letting go of the need to impress others through our children
  • How Naomi can help you improve the relationship with your extended family if they disagree with your choice of parenting style
  • Naomi’s thoughts on the future if we do not change the way we are raising and educating our children, given the current world situation
  • Why Naomi feels that the MOST important thing for our children is for them to remain rooted in themselves

“Expose, don’t impose.” ~ Naomi Aldort

Please share these 2 very important interviews. Our children are waiting for us to step up!

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