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Amandha Vollmer on… wait for it… the Wonders of Urine Therapy! | Ep. 030

by Sascha Kalivoda

Amandha Vollmer is a person I love to interview and learn from. She is an intelligent and brave warrior who authentically cares about helping you maintain or regain good health, and empowers you to do so.

Amandha has her degree in Naturopathic Medicine and is a Professional Holistic Practitioner. She is an author and a natural health product creator and dedicates her life to gathering and disseminating truth on many levels.

For this episode, I ask you to be brave and open and to listen to this discussion before you judge the content. I ask you to acknowledge your social conditioning but to not let it limit you or block you from a potentially life-altering practice.

What if your body is so refined and so wise that it contains its own medicine, for FREE, and is available wherever you go? What if this medicine could contain a potentially life-saving antidote to an anaphylactic response to a sting or bite? Wouldn’t you want to know about this suppressed information? You never know when it may come in handy, or necessary.

In this conversation with Amandha, we go deep into the ancient practice of Urine Therapy, or Shivambu, as its referred to in Ayurveda. I felt compelled to do this interview as this topic has been infiltrating my world through many sources lately, and to me, that is a key message to pay attention!

This practice is not new. In fact, urine from different animals has been used medically for a long time. Why is ok to use pregnant mare urine for hormone replacement? Why can you buy cow urine capsules for longevity? Why is it gross to use your own, free, readily available urine?

This interview is packed with gems, including:

  • How to collect urine for internal and topical use
  • Why the morning urine is the most medicinal
  • How Amandha healed a scabies skin infection in her past by topical use of urine (the only remedy that helped her)
  • What ‘looping’ is
  • How you can use urine homeopathically
  • What urine actually is…filtered blood plasma, not the waste that you’ve been told
  • How urine is ‘excess’ and not waste
  • How the kidneys process the secondary filtrate of the blood after the liver has removed the waste
  • How ingesting urine gives the body more ‘information’ so it can work more optimally
  • How our systems are so refined that we contain the antidote to poisonous bites and stings in our own urine within 20 seconds!
  • The story of how Amandha prevented fallout from a wasp sting with her daughter using urine
  • How urine is an elixir of youth and longevity
  • The contents of your urine, including stem cells, vitamins, minerals, pigments, hormones and much more (imagine that you just flush all that goodness down the toilet!)
  • Amandha’s recommendations around urine therapy and pharmaceutical drug use. Seek advice from an open-minded health professional if need be!
  • How to age urine, its benefits and how to use it
  • How to use urine transdermally for wounds, tumors and more
  • Why it always doesn’t need to be your own in a pinch
  • How pregnancy is a time when you do NOT want to practice urine therapy
  • Other benefits of urine therapy including restoring hair colour and growth, dealing with fungus and more!

If you’re open minded, I think you’re really going to love this episode. Nature’s pharmacy is available to you if you try it. It’s hard at first, but gets easier very quickly. Who knows, it may save your life some day.As a friend of mine said to me recently:

“If you’re not willing to drink your own pee, you’re not sick enough.”

I personally don’t want to ever get that sick.

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