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Saving the Children with Sherry Strong| Ep. 032

by Sascha Kalivoda

*Note: the blooper at the end was left in intentionally!!!!

Sherry Strong is a driven woman on a mission to serve in this world.

Currently she serves as the Alberta Provincial Director for Children’s Health Defense Canada, she consults with clients on how to find health through their diet and lifestyle choices, she shares in the care of an infant born of a drug-addicted mother, and she just recently launched her own supplement line called Living Immunity.

She has overcome her fair share of adversity over the last couple of years, and has now ‘found her salvation in service’, having left her career as a speaker on the worldwide speaking circuit behind (for now).

In this valuable conversation, we get into:

– Sherry’s rocky road of the last couples years and the realization that changed her path to one that is much smoother and more rewarding

– The philosophy behind her new supplement line

– Her role in Children’s Health Defense Canada – A philosophy that Sherry teaches that she refers to the ‘consumption concept’ – how would we live if we chose to live sustainably and not addicted to consumption?

– The story of her interview with a man who lost his very healthy 35 year-old wife from liver and kidney liver failure 5 weeks after her second jab, and how he was told that his wife was a secret alcoholic and that was the cause of her sickness

– How no healthy child has died of c0v!d, yet children continue to be targeted and how this can only make sense through the lens of a depopulation agenda

– The corruptness of Canada’s v@x injury reporting system – The propaganda system that is our ‘education’ system

– How the silence is why this situation continues – silence is complicity

– Need to find a community to move forward? Check out Life Force Canada – Sherry’s fundamental principles for a healthy mind and body

– Sherry’s final message to humanity – an important question to ask yourself

– and more!

Sherry’s Sweet Freedom Life

Living Immunity Supplement Line

Contact Sherry

sherry at sherrystrong dot com

Sherry’s You Tube Channel

Children’s Health Defense Canada

CHD Canada Rumble Channel

Life Force Canada – get involved!


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