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The Power of Private Membership Associations with Mike Colomb| Ep. 034

by Sascha Kalivoda

Many of us know that the solutions to the problems we face today will not be found within the current system. It’s going to take the building of a parallel society, where those of us who to choose to no longer be governed by tyrants can access and provide for all of our needs within a system that protects us and provides a structure for us to do business and relate to one another as we choose.

Big government has gone way too far, and one benefit of this is the rise of the awareness of the need to get out of doing business in the public, where one is subject to endless rules and regulations, and bring your business into the private.

This is the power of Private Membership Associations (PMA), a revolution that is rapidly growing in the United States and trickling out internationally.

In this interview with Mike Colomb of Renegade Ranch Provisions and Renegade Nation, we learn what PMAs are and why, in order to move forward in a way that supports humanity, this is the direction we need to go.

In this vital interview with Mike we learn about:

  • His story and how Renegade Ranch Provisions was born
  • The growth of the Healing Hub and the future of a TRUE health care system
  • What a PMA actually is
  • The distinction between private and public businesses
  • How a PMA is an entity that exist in the private, not in the public
  • How in all 78 cases of PMAs being attacked in Supreme Court, they have won with no losses
  • What the limits are of what a PMA can do
  • How a PMA is a non-taxable entity
  • Why the PMA explosion is happening now
  • How government officials have no jurisdiction over your PMA
  • Why we need to stop asking for permission to operate as we wish as long as we are not doing any harm
  • Renegade Nation…what is expected to be the largest PMA in the US by the end of this year
  • Mike’s video platform that is coming as an alternate to Zoom
  • and more…and more to come!

Stay tuned for more on this topic! This is a true solution to getting our lives back on track. And the more we know, we more we will share.

It’s time to rise up together and stop asking for permission from tyrants who do not have our best interests in mind.

For more on PMAs: (at the time of this recording the videos are down for this site due to You Tube pulling them)


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