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Knowing Thyself with Tom Barnett| Ep. 035

by Sascha Kalivoda

Knowing thyself…how many people do you know can be described that way? Is it even possible to know oneself?

It is clear to me that much of the world is not even interested in going down that path. Knowing myself is something I am striving for and is a never-ending quest, and this quality in Tom is something I greatly admire. Seriously, can you imagine what the state of the world be like if we were all on a mission of knowing ourselves? It might look a little different…

There is so much we can cover with Tom, so I will definitely be having him back on the show. And though we really focus on ‘knowing thyself’ toward the end of the podcast, the whole conversation really applies to that topic.

This is what Tom gets into in this interview:

  • Inner wealth vs. outer wealth
  • How getting to the ‘bottom of the barrel’ led to his transformation through taking 100% responsibility and letting go of victimhood
  • How Tom found that the root cause of his 10 to 15 years of chronic fatigue was mostly non-physical, exacerbated by making poor choices
  • How the lack of early bonding in his life led to a predominantly ‘yang’ or masculine nature
  • How the state of the physical body reflects the state of the mental/emotional/spiritual bodies
  • How forgiveness and gratitude are major aspects to overcoming trauma
  • Tom’s basic tips around nutrition and eating habits
  • The power of our minds to create dis-ease or thriving health
  • How we constantly accept ‘offers’ that harm us
  • Tom’s key pillars for cultivating thriving health
  • Why most people have the ‘need’ to get colds and flus and what these sicknesses actually are
  • How so-called microbes and viruses work to keep up us healthy and restore health when we are overloaded with toxins
  • ‘Working in” vs. working out
  • How your fat may be protecting you
  • Tom’s definition of ‘knowing thyself’
  • Some key indicators that reveal how far you are down the path of getting to know yourself
  • How Tom feels that had there been a right of passage for him in his teen years, his life would have taken a different path
  • and more gems…enjoy!

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