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Making Your Space Energetically Safe with Mitch Marchand

| Ep. 036

by Sascha Kalivoda

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do an episode all about EMFs – the reality, the dangers and how to protect yourself – but here it finally is.

As electromagnetic beings, the field we expose ourselves to has a big impact on our health. Gone are the days of living in natural environments, taking our cues from nature and tapping into our deepest healing potential while we sleep.

Instead, we are bathed in wifi, we are attached to our phones and other wireless devices, we spend much of our time indoors, we use bluetooth-enabled appliances and have ‘smart’ everything…which may actually not be so smart.

Many know the dangers of excessive non-native EMF exposure, however because this is not something we can see, many don’t realize that being bathed in these frequencies might be at the root of some of their problems.

In comes Mitch Marchand (electrical engineer and Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist) of EMF Aware to the rescue. In this podcast we get tons of practical tips, many of which you can implement right away, to make your space more energetically compatible to a healthy mind and body.

Mitch comes by this work honestly as his wife was severely impacted by the dirty vibes in their first home together and the only thing that improved her condition was to move homes!

In this interview with Mitch, you will learn:

  • Mitch’s background and why he got into this line of work
  • The effects of all our electrical devices on our physiology
  • Some of the testimonials Mitch has gotten as a result of his clients implementing his recommendations…think sleep, autism and more
  • The difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
  • How you experience ‘electrical pressure’ in your home
  • What the ‘science’ says about health and EMF exposure
  • The conflict of interest between the telecom companies with regards to their financial interests and their requirement to provide safety guidelines for exposures
  • The gross discrepancy of the EMF guidelines in Canada and the rest of the world
  • The INSANE increase of EMF exposures since the early 1900’s (it’s a number no one can truly understand)
  • The “G’s” explained
  • The correlation between prevalence and location of tumours and cell phone use
  • How you can adjust the signal to which your phone connects to greatly reduce your exposures with phone use
  • The math of reducing your exposure when you double your distance from wireless devices…well worth it, this is significant!
  • The fact that you can hardwire your cellphone if you are using it in one place
  • An app you can use on your computer for ‘cell phone’ calls
  • Tips on how to greatly reduce your wifi exposure in your home
  • Night protocol to minimize wifi and electrical exposure overnight for improved sleep and health outcomes, including autism
  • Mitch’s opinion of grounding devices, chips, pendants, etc.
  • The antioxidant equivalent of sleeping outside grounded every night
  • The comparison of grounding devices that use the electrical outlet to actual grounding in nature
  • Mitch’s preferred way to ground devices if you use them for sleeping
  • Dr. Klinghardt’s chicken study with EMF harmonizers and what it showed…a little surprising!
  • How you can build resilience overnight
  • How to change the settings on our home routers
  • Mitch’s services he offers for homes, including getting it right for new builds, mitigating exposures, home assessments and much more
  • Impact of being in range of airport radar
  • and more!

 So many tips for you to implement!

Thank you Mitch for this info-filled interview. I learned a lot!

To learn more about Mitch and to learn about what he offers:

Marda Loop Wellness:


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