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Homeopathy, Emergencies and Your Good Health with Mette Mitchell | Ep. 037

by Sascha Kalivoda

I get so excited when I learn more about the wonders, simplicity and efficacy of homeopathy. And I always love my conversations with Mette, homeopath and generally wonderful and wise woman.

It’s how I dealt with many childhood issues with my son, including croup, teething, growing pains, flus and more. And now, I find myself building my homeopathic medicine chest so that I can be ready for almost anything.

In fact, my husband literally had a miracle healing last month that was most incredible that I describe in this interview, and I happened to have to remedy on hand so he could nip it in the bud in the middle of the night. Tune in to hear the snoring miracle cure he used!

This is the second time Mette has been on the podcast. See episode 24 for more on Mette’s background, the basics of homeopathy and its history. It’s a good one!

In this interview, this is what we get into:

  • What homeopathy is and how it works with the body’s vitality
  • How to choose the right potency
  • Which potency to go to when the emotions are strong
  • How grief can be healed through homeopathy
  • Mette’s view on the physical symptom being the invitation to do the deeper work
  • Why homeopathic histamine is becoming one of Mette’s favourite remedies
  • Acute dosing rule of thumb and how to reassess
  • The remedy to take when you burn yourself
  • What to use for shock and sudden, violent symptoms
  • A common remedy for nosebleeds, where bright is very bright and red
  • The 50-remedy kit that Mette created
  • Some drainage remedies
  • How to access kits and remedies through Mette’s club or her app – get the app!!
  • The gallstone attack combo-remedy in her kit
  • Other key remedies Mette included in her kit…e.g. for radiation, inflammation, parasites and more
  • The effect of radiation on your remedies and how to protect them
  • What miasms are and how they are incorporated into healing trauma via homeopathy
  • Homeopathy’s place in chronic disease
  • Mette’s recent success with taking a patient off her hormone replacement therapy
  • How homeopathy is “taking the knowledge of healing home”
  • The benefits of Mette’s clubs…knowledge is power
  • Mette’s tiny house adventure
  • How homeopathy is often used to detox dangerous injections
  • How bentonite clay plays a major role in Mette’s injection injury kit
  • and more…enjoy!

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