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The Necessity of Tissue Salts (and a Bit of Law) with Dr. Barre Lando | Ep. 038

by Sascha Kalivoda

 I am always beyond THRILLED to speak with Dr. Barre Lando. He is truly one of my favourite purveyors of wisdom out there and his knowledge spans a wide variety of areas… health and true medicine, parenting, classical education, law, gardening and farming, energy and frequency, nutrition, athletics and more. He is a vault, and every time I talk or listen to him I feel like we’ve only gotten the teeniest peek of what this man knows and embodies.

Sometime ago, while listening to a Alfacast episode (link to Alfacast below), Barre made a comment that went something like “before anything else, people should be taking the 12 tissue salts”. Now, I have known about tissue salts and have used them in the past for myself and for my son, but I did not know how important the role is that they play in our good health. Since then I have become more and more obsessed with the topic (I literally travel around with my tissues salts and books everywhere I go) and was finally able to bring you this important episode with the wise and humble Dr. Barre Lando.

Barre and his wife live on their farm where they grow medicinal herbs and live in harmony with the land around them. Barre has a long history in Bioterrain Medicine and much other expertise in a myriad a fields to create is his unique and enlightening view of life and wellness.

In this interview we focus on the 12 Tissue Salts, but at the end we get a little insight into Barre’s knowledge of Law – an important topic to familiarize ourselves with in such a time of corruption, oppression and lawlessness. However, there is always remedy, and we can greatly empower ourselves if we get interested in creating the life we want to see for our children, and knowing true law fundamentals is a must!

See Episode #10 for my first interview with Barre.

In this interview, Barre talks about:

  • How the tissue salts are the ‘mineral capacitors’ on the ground
  • How they correspond with the 12 primary constellations, or the 12 primary fields of resonance
  • Why the salts are supposed to be present in our blood stream at all times
  • How they are the basic materials that the cells need to regenerate every single moment
  • How the inorganic elements combine with the organic elements to create the form and function of our bodies
  • How the 21 extra tissue salts are simply derivations of the primary 12, but the initial 12 are the most important
  • The different perspectives of tissues salts and how to apply their use
  • A little clarity on what ‘evil’ is and how it is a clue to truth
  • How we can’t fully rebuild and house the perfection of spirit if any of the 12 cell salts are missing
  • How homeopathic remedies differ from cell salts
  • Why the homeopathic attenuation of the minerals makes it more amenable to the body for their uptake
  • How the dilute form of the minerals compare to taking mineral supplements in mg amounts
  • How electrical resistance is a key to the efficient use of nutrients and the smooth functioning of the body (and in the soil!)
  • Why plant source minerals are better to supplement with over non-plant derived minerals
  • Good sources of natural mineral supplementation
  • Why the minerals aren’t concentrated in our food anymore
  • Barre’s advice as to how to approach the tissue salts for your own use
  • How the 3 water regulators (Nat Mur, Nat Sulf, Nat Phos) work in the body
  • Water’s role as a transmitting utility
  • Why you need more of your constitutional remedy
  • What the ‘bridge salts’ are
  • The requirement of kali phos (Aries) to connect the pituitary and pineal (masculine) that allows us to receive the resonance from higher consciousness
  • The dependence of the cerebellum (Taurus) on the cerebrum (Aries)
  • How to ensure your baby won’t be short on particular cell salts for an early start on good health
  • The relevance of Steiner’s work
  • Best forms of tissue salts to consume
  • How you can educate yourself on cell salts on Alfa Vedic’s site
  • What Barre is creating in his lab with cell salts
  • Barre’s recommendations on dealing with the overburden of poisons in our world
  • Examples of how specific tissue salts can help in the times we live in
  • Microbes that help with proper blood viscosity
  • The power of coffee enemas
  • The importance of understanding law and knowing who you truly are
  • How your internal process is what makes your paperwork work…you prove the paperwork, it does not prove you
  • How to keep your PMA (private membership association) actually private and legitimate
  • The use of trusts
  • And more…Barre has so much wisdom to share!

I”m going to have to listen to this interview a few times myself…as I often tend to do with Barre’s talks. I know you’re going to love it. Enjoy!

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