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Breaking Free of the Bonds of Scientism with Mike Donio

| Ep. 041

by Sascha Kalivoda

Mike Donio is a former senior scientist and has had a long career in biotech and the pharmaceutical industries. He was most recently conducting research in the area of immuno-oncology, but was fired from his position for not allowing his employers to decide what crosses the sacred barrier of his own body. THANK YOU FOR THAT MIKE!

In this interview Mike shares his story, as he is on a mission to inspire others to do the same and not allow the authoritarian bullies to impose their rules onto the people and force them to take an experimental, harmful and ineffective injection, and repeated ones at that!

We also get an insider view into the world of scientific research and the realities of how data and findings are manipulated to choose outcomes that support money interests over truth.

Perhaps you can share this episode with the people in your life who insist on hearing from scientists, because that is exactly what Mike is.

In this interview, Mike gets into:

  • His story of how he stood up for his values and lost his job because of it
  • Mike’s view of the lack of critical thinking inside the spheres of ‘science’
  • His noticing how the curriculum is shifting in his children’s school and his urging for parents to keep tabs on that and to take a lead role in their parenting
  • How, through Mike’s questioning nature, he naively thought he could change the system from the inside
  • Mike’s view on the integrity of scientific research and how funding skews outcomes
  • The alarming stats of the validity of the bulk of the scientific studies that we so depend on and revere
  • The flaws of peer-reviewed studies
  • The impact of bias and conflicts of interest on the quality of research findings
  • How Mike’s eyes are being opened to the dangers of the current ‘health’ system and the poisons it uses
  • The emphasis on genomics of cancer research and the lack of questioning (or caring) within the system of whether this is the correct path to truth
  • How big pharma and biotech profit from innovation and return customers
  • Mike’s new community Scientists for Health Freedom (S4HF) – a space for people who are willing and wanting to question science
  • Mike’s response to the popular new slogan ‘trust the science’
  • How Mike’s state of Missouri has remained largely free during the whole p!andemic and the fact that many states NEVER had a mask mandate EVER
  • Mike’s view on the current state of pharma research
  • What Mike’s research regarding the experimental gene-altering therapy revealed and how he could not find anything in the research to prove that it was safe in any way
  • Mike’s final messages regarding teaching our kids think critically and logically and to encourage we pass this on to future generations – I love his emphasis on the children!
  • And more!

Thank you so much Mike for daring to step up and call out the industry that has fed you for the past 20 years. You are doing this for future generations and there is nothing more important that standing up for the truth and for a free and better future.

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