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Bringing wisdom back into the home.

I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and un-learn most of it.

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The Spiritual Journey of Transitioning to a Life in the Private with Angela Bowolin

| Ep. 042

by Sascha Kalivoda

Angela Bowolin has been on the path of learning and seeking what is true for a long time. Similar to many others, her awareness started to crack open when her 3 year old daughter was having health challenges. From that point on Angela hasn’t looked back and has become a resource and inspiration for those seeking to understand how this world actually works and how to alter one’s way of living to match their true nature and to provide for those who come after us.

Living in the private is a hot topic these days and for good reason. If you understand who you are, a divine being over whom no one has any authority except for the authority you voluntarily give, then this information will speak to you as a way to move forward to live a life of your choosing and to pass that right on our children and future generations as the birthright it is.

In this episode we get into many powerful topics, including:

  • How she got to where she is at now, starting with her daughter’s health 15 years ago
  • How she started Sovereign by Design to learn and to help others learn from those who have done the work in the area of law, sovereignty and living and the private
  • The story of how the elder, Siyam KiapilanoqCapilano, lived with Angela for the last months of his life and why, over a year after his death, his body has not been released from the morgue
  • The Wisdom’s Calling program, Sovereign by Design’s foundational program
  • Angela’s wish, through her work, to simplify this information to help others who seek this knowledge apply it to leave a better place for our children
  • SBD’s collaborations with other groups in Australia and the US
  • How SBDs goal is to eliminate what is not necessary in the process from moving from the public corporatocracy into the private, peacefully and effectively to live in the private
  • How the Trading with the Enemy Act amendment of 1933 made the American public the enemy of the government
  • Angela’s upcoming program on how to take power of attorney of the name on your birth certificate
  • What trusts are and under what circumstances you may want to use them
  • How this info is part of the bigger picture of taking responsibility of all aspects of your life
  • The fact that the name on your birth certificate or driver’s license is NOT you the living man or woman and how important this piece of information is for your freedom to live here as a man or woman
  • And so much that I lost in a draft and did not have time to redo and rewrite!

So many nuggets in the podcast, please enjoy and share and like and subscribe and all that stuff.

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