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Human Design, Your Success and Raising Happy Children with Ros Isbel | Ep. 046

by Sascha Kalivoda

I recently learned about Human Design, and I must say I am fascinated by it and it seems to really make sense. So when I found Ros on a podcast and sensed some like-mindedness, I had to contact her for an interview.

What I love about Ros is not only is she gifted and well-versed on the topic of Human Design, she also cares deeply for children and wants to help spread the word on how we can raise happy children who are supported in who they are \rather than conditioned away from their true selves.

Human Design is a vast topic and we only scratched the surface, but there are many juicy tidbits to glean, including:

  • What Human Design is and how it is a tool to help navigate life
  • How your HD is derived
  • The 5 HD types and they each use their energy differently
  • How the system came to be… a fascinating story in itself!
  • How the children are the reason for Human Designed coming into being
  • The difference between the strategy of waiting to be invited for projectors and the strategy of responding in generators
  • The importance of projectors to work on their bliss while waiting for invitations
  • How generators need to ‘follow the bread crumbs’ and how what they are responding to must appear in their external world
  • How HD is a synthesis of the Chinese I Ching, eastern and western astrology, the Judaic Kabbalah, and the chakra system
  • How understanding your strategy is one of the most important aspects of your HD and how it can you to where you are designed to be
  • How we are screwing up our children by programming them away from their true natures
  • How projector kids may be getting burnt out by the modern school system and demands put on them
  • The fact that about 60% of the population is meant to be invited to speak before they speak
  • How the ‘labels’ that we apply to children can actually be seen in their charts
  • An insight into Ros’s work with parents with children with ‘learning disabilities’
  • How you can apply what you know about your child’s HD to shift your relationship for the better
  • What the ”authorities’ come into play
  • How those with a ‘defined’ emotional authority need to wait through their emotional wave and how supporting your child to learn this skill will greatly impact their future skills
  • How those with an open emotional authority can make decisions in the moment
  • The need for manifesters and manifesting generators to ‘inform’
  • The ‘not self’ themes of each type
  • How knowing one’s HD can support the waking and strength of the masses
  • How the personality profiles come about and how they reflect your personality
  • How children with a 3 in their personality profile can be harmed by parents who don’t understand them
  • The services Ros offers
  • HD and your relationships
  • and so much more!

This interview may be key in your shifting the energy in your home and the relationship with your spouse and children.

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