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Supporting Detox in Today’s Increasingly Toxic World with Amandha Vollmer | Ep. 047

by Sascha Kalivoda

Amandha is back in the house! It’s always a treat to pick Amandha’s brain…there’s a lot of knowledge and wisdom to wade through. If you don’t know who she is yet, then it’s time you do if you want to empower yourself when it comes to your health and want access to uncensored, truth-based information.

Today we focus on some real basics for detox and for supporting overall good health. We are living in uncertain times with increasing exposure to foreign toxins coming at us from all angles, including direct injection. The body is truly a wonder that it can withstand so much!

For my previous interviews with Amandha see episodes 30 (Urine Therapy) and 11 (Germ Theory, Dental Health and DMSO).

In this episode Amandha discusses:

  • How even she felt symptoms of exposure after being in public for an extended period of time but how she recovered with up-regulating her detox systems
  • Why detox needs to be approached by various angles
  • How being on the pill in the past will impact the menopause experience
  • How microbial organisms are there to get rid of waste and are helpful, they are not the cause of disease
  • Key ways to detox: sweating, herbs, urine therapy, DMSO, ensuring basic nutrients levels are satisfied
  • How a recent study shows that DMSO detoxes the ‘forever’ chemicals (more from Amandha on that in the near future)
  • Why DMSO is top of the list to detox from the j@b
  • A story of a woman who soaked a cotton ball with DMSO and inserted nightly vaginally to hear her menstrual cramps and repair her pelvic drop
  • How suppression will never allow the body to achieve homeostasis
  • How tumors are a part of healing
  • Amandha’s successes with working with patients with the big C
  • How suppression of an illness and symptoms leads one to lose the lesson of the illness
  • The absolute requirement of magnesium to maximize your capacity to detoxify
  • Why you should be applying magnesium topically and taking it internally
  • The detox pathways of the liver and the importance of supporting this organ
  • A tip for women who have problems with candida or BV
  • The need for NAC and other basic nutrients such as iodine, vitamin C, magnesium, sulfur
  • The truth about iodine deficiency and how many need huge amounts to restore themselves to optimal iodine status
  • The importance of vitamin K for proper calcium metabolism
  • The need for silica
  • Incorporating tissue salts into your regime for you mineral needs
  • How borax can be used for calcification, bone density, and graphene detox and increasing efficacy by combining with DMSO
  • The need for probiotics/fermented foods to repopulate microbial diversity
  • The need for Omega 3 fatty acids
  • The need to assess your lifestyle for opportunities to reduce your toxic exposure and to lower the work your liver needs to do
  • Other helpful habits for good health and max detox
  • The new commerce system she is incorporating onto her platforms
  • and more!

If you found this interview helpful, please share with your communities. The more we take our lives back in all ways, and starting with our health, the better off we will be and the brighter future we will create for future generations.

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