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What Would Architecture and Design Look Like if We Truly Cared for the Land with Valentina Cereda | Ep. 048

by Sascha Kalivoda

I connected online with Valentina months ago, and we were finally able to make this interview happen recently around her work as an integrative architect, or what I’ve been referring to her as, a holistic architect.

In this time of big box stores, fast growing suburbs, toxic construction materials, wireless everything and land being moved for whatever purposes we want, I find her work very important and fascinating.

Valentina combines so many modalities, including architecture, interior design, dowsing, classical feng shui, emf mitigation and more, to create beautiful, healing spaces that promote wellness for their occupants.

How many designers have the intention of the end result of creating a fully healing space in mind? Not many in my experience, but I do hope that Valentina’s influence grows and more adopt her varied skill set to product more spaces that are in harmony with the landscape and the people that inhabit them.

Valentina joins me all the way from Dubai and in this interview we touch on:

  • Valentina’s early and successful, yet unfulfilling, design beginnings
  • Her realizations of the reality of the spaces she was creating (spaces for Linked In and other high profile accounts)
  • Her studies on classical Feng Shui, EMFs, dowsing, Building Biology, construction materials
  • How the embodiment of her mission became her current company, Energy and Space
  • How she works with doctors to integrate their protocols with the health of their patient’s spaces
  • The truth about building materials and alternate options, including furniture, AC, water filtration, general building materials
  • The truth about new chemical regulation and safety
  • Valentina’s perspective on EMFs
  • How building codes may limit the use of ideal building materials
  • How Valentina takes into account the land on which a structure is build or to be build on and how she uses dowsing for this purpose
  • How geopathic stress can affect life quality – maybe this is why you have trouble sleeping?
  • How Valentina considers building in this way a demonstration of respect for the land
  • How she uses the original science of Classical Feng Shui to optimize the energy of the environment and to harmonize the building with the surroundings
  • How Valentina assesses the health of existing spaces
  • Tools for assessing geopathic stress issues
  • Consideration os shape within an environment when designing a new space
  • Tips to improve the health of your existing space
  • The meter that Valentina recommends for everyone to have to measure electric and magnetic fields of their spaces
  • and more!

Connect with Valentina and learn more about her work:

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