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I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and un-learn most of it.

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Upping the Environmental Vibe and Solutions for Geo-engineering with Mitch the Orgone Donor

| Ep. 049

by Sascha Kalivoda

Mitch (the Orgone Donor) dedicates most of his spare time and money to reversing geo-engineering (yes, it really is happening, look up); the very same geo-engineering that is masquerading as cl!mate ch4nge, just another dominant fear-porn story of the modern-day narrative.

Have you looked up in the sky lately and noticed the clouds are a lot straighter and longer than the fluffy ones you drew as a kid?

Mitch is an orgone energy researcher and student of Wilhelm Reich, living in Arizona, who claims that deserts are not natural and he’s been proving just this with his Earth Pipes Across Arizona project.

We have so much to thank Mitch for as he freely gives his time, energy and resources to the environment and to those interested in joining his mission of restoring the rhythms and richness of the Earth.

In this interview we learn all about what Mitch is up to and how you can contribute, whether it be by supporting him somehow, or by jumping in and making your own orgonite to ‘gift’ to the environment. Mitch provides us with a tangible solution to upping the our frequency game and restoring the health of the Earth all with one tool.

Thank you Mitch for all that you do!

In this interview Mitch gets into:

  • How Mitch got into the orgone world after ‘failing’ to prove it wrong
  • How he witnessed weather patterns changing after all his efforts towards trying to prove orgonite being hoax
  • What an earth pipe is, what orgonite is
  • What happens when an earth pipe is buried in the ground
  • How his Earth Pipes Across Arizona project started
  • What a chem buster is
  • How storms are diverted with orgonite
  • How orgonite turns on the natural flow of nature and removes the capacity to target areas with weather
  • The origins of orgone science
  • Mitch’s understanding of orgonite, past and present
  • Mitch’s observations about where cell towers are located and why this is significant
  • How to measure orgone devices
  • Power wands explained, to Mitch’s current understanding
  • What to look for when shopping for, or making, orgonite
  • How to ‘orgonise’ your home
  • Springs, lakes, creeks that were dry start to flow again
  • Mitch’s theory of ow water is being manipulated to not come to the surface (lack of water is of course part of the narrative)
  • How Mitch is being met with malicious activity to block his work
  • What orgone is contributing from a consciousness perspective
  • The earth’s capacity to repair and clean itself
  • Where else you can put your orgonite
  • Mitch’s last words and his urging for all of us to DO SOMETHING.

Mitch offers an actionable solution so let’s follow his lead!

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