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Are We In an Iodine Crisis? with Lynne Farrow | Ep. 050

by Sascha Kalivoda

I can’t believe how long it took me to do a deep dive into iodine. I’ve been using it for a long time and recommending it for everything from weight loss to cysts, brain health to tumours. However, little did I know how much iodine we actually need and the forms of it that we need to make our whole body happy.

Lynne Farrow’s book cleared all that up for me and I am so pleased to share this interview to you so you can hear from the author herself.

Lynne was plagued by all sorts of iodine deficiency symptoms and challenges for many, many years. She had to quit her job as a professor, she lost her driver’s license, she was extremely tired, had cystic breasts and ultimately ended up with breast cancer.

Once finally discovering the need for iodine and the truth about this essential element, the path of her life changed forever. She now educates us on the need for iodine through various avenues, one being her excellent book The Iodine Crisis, What You Don’t Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life.

I highly recommend your read that book and start educating yourself on the truth of this essential mineral. And after listening to this interview, I know you will!

If one wanted to make a population sick, fat and dumb, removing iodine, flooding the environment with toxic halides and making people scared of biologically appropriate doses of iodine just may be on the agenda.

Oh wait, it’s already happened…

In this interview you will learn:

  • Lynne’s story and her own health struggles due to iodine deficiency and how discovering iodine’s essential biological role changed the course of her life
  • A brief history of iodine
  • Why Lynne wrote her book
  • Why we are truly in an iodine crisis and what that looks like
  • The change in the amount of iodine in the average person’s urine from the 70’s compared to today
  • The prevalence of elements in the environment that displace iodine
  • Her work with Dr. Abraham and Dr. Brownstein
  • The correlation of the reduction of iodine in the environment, the increase of bromine and the increased rate of thyroid cancer, breast cancer and hormonal irregularities
  • The iodine loading test explained and Lynne’s ‘boing’ effect after taking her first 50 mg of iodine
  • How iodine changed Lynne’s life
  • The lack of knowledge among doctors concerning the truth of iodine dosing
  • How the false Wolff Chaikoff effect altered the course of iodine education in med schools
  • Lynne’s recommendations around starting with iodine supplementation
  • What iodine deficiency can look like and how it greatly affects the whole endocrine system
  • Iodine and mental retardation
  • How dripping iodine into an irrigation ditch in a known iodine deficient region of China changed the health of a village in the areas of growth, intelligence, mortality and more
  • The truth about the various iodine tests
  • Why we need both iodide and iodine forms and why Lynne recommends the Lugol’s form
  • Recommendations for lactating and pregnant women
  • Recommendations for children and how Lynne’s recommendations differ from Dr. Brownstein’s in this regard
  • Recommendations for people taking thyroid medication
  • Companion nutrients for iodine supplementation and how selenium is the most important companion nutrient for thyroid health
  • How soldiers poisoned with bromine were treated with salt
  • Whether iodine supplementation can ever be dangerous
  • The post-scarcity effect…symptoms other than detox you can expect from newly supplementing with iodine
  • How iodine has been officially recognized as a part of breast cancer treatment

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