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Liver Support, Prevention of Disease and Coffee Enemas with Marion Gentry | Ep. 052

by Sascha Kalivoda

Knowing how to get the crud out of your body is a big deal these days; and not only that, it will make you more confident and less concerned about all the poisons around you when you are equipped to deal with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer to live in a more pristine world and not focus on toxins and poisons, but let’s face it…they’re coming at us from the water, the skies, the soil, the airwaves…it’s pretty hard to find anything truly pristine these days.

So having the knowledge and knowing how to apply that knowledge is more critical than ever. This applies across many areas, but today we are talking detoxification, and more specifically, coffee enemas.

Now before you shut down and cringe away the idea of putting coffee up your bum, let it be known that this is nothing new and has in fact been used for a very long time for pain, for detoxification, for cancer and more.

My guest today is Marion Gentry, a holistic health practitioner who has been touting the benefits of coffee enemas for almost 20 years. Prior to her years as a holistic practitioner, she had a whole lifetime of health problems, including extreme constipation, which was relieved by her coffee enema routine.

Marion was trained at the Gerson Institute, and along with coffee enema education, she provide many services and products at her site

I hope this interview inspires many who have been sitting on the fence regarding these special coffee breaks to finally get down on that floor and do their first coffee enema. It’s so much less dramatic than you think!

Use CODE sash7 for 7% off your purchase on Marion’s site!

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • How Marion became an expert in coffee enemas
  • How Marion largely attributes her return to health to coffee enema
  • Why the type of coffee you use will affect your success
  • How a coffee enema differs from colonics and plain water enemas and how it supports liver health
  • How Marion’s coffee is grown and processed to provide you with the best results for your coffee enemas and how it affects the bile duct
  • How long to hold the coffee for
  • How frequently coffee enemas should be done depending on your situation
  • Who this procedure is not for
  • Coffee enemas for dogs!
  • How the experience can change from one day to the next
  • How to carry out the coffee enema once the coffee is brewed
  • The ideal temperature for the coffee
  • How long after cooking the coffee you need to use it
  • When to use the coffee cold
  • Ingredients you can add to your enema bucket, and those you shouldn’t
  • How much time to budget for an enema
  • Why Marion recommends using a catheter on the end of the enema bucket tube
  • Chamomile tea as an alternative to the coffee enema
  • Using coffee enemas for pain and how they were used for pain during WW1
  • How Max Gerson used it for his migraines
  • Coffee enemas for leaky gut and for peristalsis
  • Is there a best time of day for this?
  • Putting iodine in the coffee
  • Clearing out xenoestrogens with coffee enemas
  • Insulin resistance benefits, also depression and anxiety
  • Coffee enemas for inflammation
  • and more!

How to contact Marion:


website: www.directionwithpurpose

phone: 843.707.6943




How-to videos, scroll to the bottom of the page:


Products that Marion recommends, enter code “sash7” for a discount:

Complete Coffee Enema Kit for Beginners:

Oregano Oil:


Vitamin C

ALA – Alpha Lipoic Acid

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