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The Truth About Modern-day EMF Exposure and a Natural, Simple Solution with Justin Frandson

| Ep. 053

by Sascha Kalivoda

Justin Frandson has been an athletic performance coach for decades. However, noticing the negative impact on the performance and health of his athletes caused by wearable technology sent him on a new path of EMF education.

Through his research, he found a very simple solution to our overloaded exposure to non-native EMF radiation that comes straight from nature. It’s amazing how nature constantly provides and teaches if we would just pay more attention!

The increase in frequencies to our human bodies over the last 100+ years is astonishing, and the negative impacts are very real. However when dealing with frequency, we know there are helpful and harmful frequencies, so there is always a solution.

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This episode is loaded with great information, including:

  • Justin’s history as an athletic coach and how that evolved into his expertise on EMFs
  • The unique techniques he uses in his gym
  • The nerve work he does with his clients to improve strength and performance
  • His approach to concussions and how light is a key piece in restoring his clients’ health
  • The history of the increasing electromagnetic blanket over the atmosphere and how it correlates with each ‘pandemic’, based on Arthur Firstenberg’s book “The Invisible Rainbow”
  • How ‘pandemics’ related to cosmic shifts pre 1889
  • The difference between manmade waves (uni-directional) vs. natural radiation
  • The health of low-tech populations compared to high-tech ones
  • Radiation impacts on mitochondria and DNA
  • A California study that showed how radiation causes cancer and acoustic nerve damage, but was not release until there was a lawsuit
  • The increase in speed of waveforms over the last 100+ years that we are being exposed to
  • Why ionizing radiation is not the only culprit
  • The work of Martin Paul showing that vibration causes harmful effects, not only ionizing radiation
  • The link between hydration and EMF exposure
  • Physical impacts of constant EMF exposure, including on fertility
  • EMF density in schools
  • Impact of wearing airpods in your ears, which provide a path directly to the brain
  • The truth about electric cars, their surprising impact on testosterone levels and are they really as environmentally responsible as you we are told?
  • The surprising truth about solar power
  • All about EMF Rocks – the products that Justin provides
  • How Faraday bags work
  • How to avoid having your information harvested
  • The difference between EMF Rocks and other crystals in nature
  • Using the grounding bags for your home and to increase your personal energy
  • Tapping routing for grounding your body and how it restores your ionic charge and restructures the body’s water
  • How to use the grounding bags in your home
  • What Justin does personally for his EMF protection protocol
  • Justin’s opinion of other EMF protection technology
  • How to protect yourself if you live or work near a cell tower
  • and more!


So much amazing information in this episode, you’re going to love it!

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