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Magical, Practical, Essential Homeopathy! with Mette Mitchell

| Ep. 054

by Sascha Kalivoda

I always get so excited talking to Mette Mitchell about homeopathy, which you may notice with my verboseness at the beginning of this episode.

Mette joins me again to discuss the simplicity, safety, and sheer magic of homeopathy. I’m so stoked about it and about one of her recent courses that she put out, that I even started selling homeopathic kits… I take mine everywhere!

Mette is a licensed homeopath doing online consultations, but she’s doing more than that…she’s offering simple, practical and affordable classes to make homeopathy accessible to everyone. Please take advantage of Mette’s offerings like this one…I listen to this all the time, it comes in super handy bite-sized pieces and sometimes divine timing ensures I listen to the right piece at the right time. Check it out:

Your Daily Dose of Wisdom

In this episode, Mette talks about:

  • Her early experiences of homeopathy and how healing her baby daughter was the beginning of her homeopathic adventure
  • About the 36 remedy and how having the kit led her to becoming a homeopath
  • The amazing, handy, dandy course that Mette made for you and me to go along with the Helios 36 remedy kit
  • A quick review of what homeopathy is and how Mette describes it as simply tapping into the body’s healing ability
  • The fact that there are no homeopathic remedies that will induce a miscarriage
  • The difference in applying homeopathy in acute vs. chronic conditions
  • A bit on Stefano Scoglio, Nobel Prize Nominee, who studied virology and yet claims they do not exist…more on that in a very imminent podcast
  • How the body’s primary wish is to detoxify
  • Why acute situations can be dealt with at home while chronic situations require the aid of a homeopath
  • Why vertigo is considered very seriously in homeopathy
  • What “maintaining courses” are and why they must be dealt with for a positive outcome
  • Why aconite is such a helpful remedy these days and how many can benefit from it
  • Mette’s 12-weeks of homeopathy course
  • Mette’s new course for midwives, doulas and other birth assistants
  • How it provides a toolbox for supporting the best outcome
  • An example of how gelsemium can be used during birth
  • The medicalization of birth
  • Mette’s other new program on weight loss
  • The sugar homeopathic remedy
  • A major “don’t” of homeopathy
  • What is the max length of time for taking a remedy unless under the guidance of a homeopath
  • How there can be an ‘aggravation’ with homeopathy, which is different than a side effect
  • Mette’s subscription service for homeopathic consultations to save you money and to provide you with well rounded service
  • A few keys on a few remedies:
  • Nux Vomica – for too much of a good thing
  • Phosphorus – get scared easily but calms down easily
  • Coffea – if you feel like you’ve had too much coffee, also for sleep
  • Passiflora – helps for sleep
  • Hypericum – nerve damage
  • Arsenicum – diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning, fear of dying, drink small sips of water
  • Aconite – panic attack
  • Carbo veg – digestive discomfort
  • Mette’s amazing offer of doing a free recorded consult on her podcast – reach out if this interests you!
  • and more!


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