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I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and un-learn most of it.

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Does Contagion Really Exist? with Amandha Vollmer

| Ep. 055

by Sascha Kalivoda

Amandha Vollmer is back in the house and this time she is going to demystify for us the topic of contagion. Is there an invisible v1ral bogey man out there waiting to get us and then cause us to spread to other members of our families and our loved ones?

Are we really that weak and susceptible as a species?

Or is this a story created many generations ago that has served to instil fear and thus allow for control over the people?

May sound a little crazy, but for those who have eyes to see, what we are being told and sold over the airwaves is not exactly factual, nor is it backed by actual scientific rigour. And if one has the intelligence to spot patterns, it’s not hard to see that there are repetitive tactics being used which kinda go like this…

1) invisible enemy is declared (which require no actual, factual proof of existence)

2) create fear and population responds as expected

3) provide the solution that is going to save us all

If you look back and analyze some major events in the past, you may recognize this patterning…but then, maybe you won’t.

For an intro as to who Amandha Vollmer is, please refer to episode #11 , and also #30, and #47. And be sure to listen to those episodes in their entirety…so many gems of wisdom throughout and also practical information.

So what are we going to learn today…

  • How Amandha’s suspicions of how disease is diagnosed led her down the path of investigating how we actually get sick
  • How the natural path of enquiry as to how we can address symptoms and our general state of health is not being followed
  • Why the answers to our health must start with each of us
  • How there continue to be ‘camps’ of capture preventing even those suspicious of western medicine to truly understand the origins of disease
  • When suppression is useful and helpful via pharma solutions
  • Common symptoms we are seeing the masses today as a result of recent new medicines
  • When thinking about the body, how we should think about our internal environment not about an invisible pathogen waiting to come in an attack us… why are out tissues not functioning as they should be?
  • The role of our terrain in our state of health
  • The idea the germ is the disease result NOT the cause of disease
  • How disease processes are actually the body trying to regain homeostasis by getting rid of what it doesn’t want while creating or pulling in things that it does want
  • How microbes are an essential part of who we are
  • How ‘somatids’ change their size and shape (the pleomorphic cycle) as the body works to return to health when out of balance
  • How this pleomorphic cycle is dormant when we are in a healthy state
  • How if we were to check if the somatid cycle was active in a person we could predict way ahead of time (up to years) whether someone was on the path to sickness
  • How many other micro bodies change shape (and therefore function) like white blood cells, bacteria (can change into spore form, ‘viral’ form and more)
  • How these microbes are coming in to repair the terrain not to harm and the state of the terrain dictates what will show up
  • How parasites are always present for a reason, they do not thrive in healthy bodies that don’t need them
  • How these so-called pathogens are the ‘digesters’ of life, they break dead and dying tissue down and consume toxins
  • Why we don’t want to simply just kill parasites in our bodies and why that is only one step of the process
  • Why it is important to do a cleanse once a year and then a smaller cleanse 6 months later
  • Ideas for cleansing
  • The fact that there is no actual contagion as we have been sold
  • How families may resonate together to go on yearly ‘detoxes’ together
  • Other possible explanations as to how we get sick
  • The fraud of the PCR test
  • What chicken pox really is
  • How being injected for chicken pox as a child can result in a dangerous episode of it later in life (Amandha’s story)
  • How you can personally learn through Amandha’s offerings
  • and more!

This episode is packed with info and common sense… a great combination.

Please share with your friends and families and on your social media platforms… this is very important information that needs to be spread far and wide.

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