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Holistic Dental Care with Nadine Artemis

| Ep. 056

by Sascha Kalivoda

This is my second interview with Nadine Artemis. If you missed the first one, check out episode #51 on Renegade Beauty, where Nadine lays out the details on how to achieve healthy skin.

In this episode we get into the truth about dental care, and how you can take control of your dental health.

Many are realizing that it is up to each of us to take control of our own health and educate ourselves (and act on that education) on how to nourish and detox, but not as many realize that dental health is a big part of that picture and that there is much we can do for our oral health right from home.

I’ve always found it odd that our system separates the health of the mouth from the rest of the body and that the two professions don’t communicate with one another when in fact they together are part of our whole being, to which we can also add our mental, emotional and spiritual health. True health is a whole picture project folks!

You’re going to want to get some of Nadine’s amazing products whether you are looking to maintain the great teeth (and skin) that you have, or if you have some nagging problems that you can’t get ahead of. So check them out here at:

Here’s what Nadine talks about in today’s interview on dental health:

  • First, her daily skin care routine (a question I forgot to ask last time), and it’s VERY simple!
  • How the acidogenic theory of tooth decay is a false theory
  • Nadine’s early interest in dental health and how it led her to a deep dive into truth dental through studying the work of Hal Huggins and others
  • The intimate connection between our teeth and the rest of our bodies
  • The connection between the pulp chamber of our teeth and what we consume and our nutrients
  • How the teeth have their own lymphatic system and how the teeth ‘sweat’ to clean the teeth and keep them healthy and strong
  • The truth about how cavities are formed
  • How this fluid flow from inside to the outside of the teeth reverses direction in times of stress whether it be nutrient deficiencies, emfs, hormonal imbalances, etc.
  • The importance of vitamin K2 for mineralization of the teeth
  • The work of Weston Price and his findings of people around the world and how their dental and bone health declined as they moved away from traditional lifestyles
  • The truth about root canals
  • How it is impossible to sterilize the metres of microscopic tubules in teeth prior to a root canal
  • What to do if you need or already have a root canal
  • How it is advisable to get multiple opinions on dental work as you may get many different opinions from different dentists
  • How to properly extract a tooth and how to repair old tooth extractions
  • The best materials for implants
  • Fat soluble vitamins for dental health
  • The importance of the microbiome of the mouth and to how maintain it
  • How to stop quorum sensing in the body with ‘botanical biotics’ to support healthy microbiome diversity
  • Easy simple items you may have or you can purchase to clean and whiten and your teeth
  • The truth about teeth whiteners and how to get white teeth
  • Nadine’s new toothpaste to remineralize the teeth
  • Dietary guidelines and nutrients for healthy teeth
  • The importance of NOT breathing through the mouth
  • The power of ozone for your teeth
  • Nadine’s amazing dental product offerings including pastes, rinses, brushes, scrapers and more
  • Nadine’s oral hygiene routine
  • How flossing adds up to 7 years to your life!
  • And more!

Enjoy and share, share, share!

Just like the rest of your health, taking control of your dental is a key part of attending to your overall health and will add years and quality to your life. And, many of those uncomfortable visits to the dentists can be avoided, big bonus!

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