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Bringing wisdom back into the home.

I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and un-learn most of it.

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The Potent Power of Owning Your Mind and Changing Perspective with Michelle Dillard

| Ep. 058

by Sascha Kalivoda

If we never get to know the power each of us holds within, we can never fully realize the life, the health, the relationship, (insert your desire here), that is available to us.

We are living in times where the actions and decisions of so many people are motivated by fear. But is fear ever a place to make choices from? Who does that actually serve? Definitely not YOU.

In my personal life, after being right pissed off for the large part of 3 years, I decided it was time to take my mind and emotions back and focus on the life I want to live. How could I ever achieve what I desire from a place of anger? When I decided to turn all the shit off and own where I put my focus and attention, things started to change and it didn’t take long.

This is why I’m so excited to introduce to you Michelle Dillard, life coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotist and all around awesome woman who is inspiring others to own their lives and step into their full potential.

Michelle Dillard comes from tough beginnings, but she did not let that limit the potential of her life. She decided to reframe the story of her past to create a downright magical life. Michelle is no victim of her circumstances, and if you feel you’ve had a rough go, then listen to this interview to be inspired how to turn your circumstances into tools of transformation… sometimes a simple shift in perspective can change EVERYTHING.

This is what Michelle talks about in this interview:

  • Michelle’s story of coming from poverty and to becoming an authourity on the power of the mind
  • The fact that we all have the choice to assigning a different meaning to our past
  • How Michelle’s identity shift brought her to drastically change the state of her life in only one year
  • The #1 most disempowering way that we can think about ourselves
  • How we can honour what we have survived rather than looking at ourselves as victims of events that happened to us
  • Where one starts in resolved their past
  • How to shift your financial situation… before all else it starts in the mind!
  • The concept of ‘desiring from having’
  • Do we really want the money…not really, so what do we really want?
  • The most important feelings are actually free
  • Why becoming the observer of our thoughts is so key
  • There are many realities happening at once…which one are you subscribed to?
  • How the programming of school extends into adulthood, and how our growth depends much on ‘un-learning’
  • The great question that Michelle asks to help one re-perspective their beliefs
  • The importance of pushing past your comfort zone
  • How to retrain your nervous system to new experiences and a new reality
  • The repercussions of stuffing our feelings and not feeling them
  • How to bring these tools into parenting to help your kids reframe their perspectives
  • The importance of challenges and building resilience
  • Michelle’s top 5 tips for someone who is struggling and wanting to grow
  • so many more gems!

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