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I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and un-learn most of it.

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Copper: The VITAL Mineral You Never Hear About and That You Are Likely Missing with Morley Robbins

| Ep. 059

by Sascha Kalivoda

I can’t believe it took me this long to discover the work of Morley Robbins!

Morley Robbins, a “retired” Hospital executive (12 yrs) and healthcare consultant (20 yrs), chose to become a Wellness Coach in 2009. In the process, he has become a self-taught mineral expert. His highest purpose is to share this decade of daily scientific research on the profound metabolic interplay between 3 KEY minerals: Magnesium, Bioavailable Copper and Iron.

These mineral-driven metabolic concepts are not fully understood, nor appreciated in practitioner circles, and are certainly not in the public’s consciousness.

Morley manages two websites to provide mineral education:

·      The MAG Facebook Group: and

·      The Root Cause Protocol:

Minerals have been a major focus for me for last couple of years, and I can honestly say that since introducing copper topically (about 1 month) and internally (about 3 weeks) , I am noticing it!

I love it when my beliefs are challenged and cause me to drop what I thought was true and pivot, and this is one of those times. Morley will challenge what you think you know, but please be open. Like one of the quotes he states in his book Cure : Your Fatigue:

“It’s not what you don’t know that is the problem. It’s what you know, for certain, that just ain’t so.” ~ Mark Twain

This is the first of 3 interviews that we have planned. There is so much to discuss, and in this one we get an intro as to why bioavailable (this is key) copper is so crucial and the lack thereof is a the root of so many health issues. Today you will learn:

  • the essential role copper plays in mitochondrial health
  • how the body has the natural ability to heal barring unresolved trauma or deficiencies
  • how neuropeptides (signalling molecules) ALL need to be activated via a copper enzyme
  • how the idea that one is iron anemic and copper toxic is the opposite of the truth in most cases
  • where copper is distributed in the body
  • what ceruloplasmin is, one of the largest proteins in your body you haven’t heard about
  • how Morley believes that copper is the crux of our self-healing
  • how it’s not copper that is toxic, but rather iron that can’t be regulated when copper is not bound in the proper protein
  • what healthy copper and ceruloplasmin levels should be and the ideal Cu/ceruloplasmin ratio
  • the enormous number of copper atoms in healthy mitochondria
  • how chronic and acute stress cause nutrient depletion
  • how my apparent past symptoms of zinc deficiency may actually be related to high iron
  • how low iron in the blood does not generally mean low iron in the body
  • how the level of storage form of vitamin D is not an indication of the level of active form of vitamin D
  • how low copper, leads to high iron, leads to low magnesium, leads to low storage vitamin D
  • as we age, copper goes down and iron goes up
  • how all symptoms of ageing relate to iron accumulation
  • how are symptoms are linked to impaired energy production and are labelled ‘disease’ but are not actually disease
  • the main things that are destroying your bioavailable copper
  • how Wilson’s disease has been resolved by the work of Svetlana Lutsenko
  • the animal-based nutrient necessary to take copper where it needs to go
  • how the work of Ancel Keyes began the decline of vitamin A in the American population
  • what drives the magnesium burn rate
  • copper requirements for people with black hair
  • clotting factors and copper
  • microcirculation and copper
  • and more!

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