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Using the Root Cause Protocol to Increase Bioavailable Copper

with Morley Robbins

| Ep. 060

by Sascha Kalivoda

This is interview #2 of (at least) 3 interviews with Morley Robbins, creator of the Root Cause Protocol and author of Cure Your Fatigue. If you have not listened to episode #59 where the topic of bioavailable copper is first introduced, please start there.

In this interview we cover some of the key STOPS and STARTS of his protocol and how they impact your levels and uptake of bioavailable copper, as this is the chief goal for each of the steps.

And get ready to have some of your notions of health challenged, as Morley has a few unpopular ideas when it comes to supplementation. I love getting my paradigms challenged and I hope you do too!

In this interview you will learn:

  • a review of where copper is stored in the body, which is about a total of 100mg
  • the dependence of red blood cells on copper
  • how the system is trying to make people afraid of copper, when in reality it is a vital mineral for your good health
  • the myth of iron deficiency anemia
  • a few things that deplete copper
  • the iron recycling system
  • the truth about osteoporosis and the implication of iron
  • Morley’s view of vitamin D supplementation and its impact on ceruloplasmin
  • how focusing solely on vitamin D impedes the absorption of vitamin A
  • how Morley decides which research to follow
  • your ideal ratio of vitamin A to vitamin D
  • Is vitamin A toxic?
  • Zinc from food sources compared zinc supplementation
  • Zinc’s impact on copper uptake and other key functions in the body
  • How iron dysregulation will make zinc look low
  • The truth about citric acid and ascorbic acid
  • Whole food vitamin C as a whole of bioavailable copper
  • The role of phase 1 in the RCP
  • Best sources of whole food vitamin C
  • The adrenal cocktail
  • The vital importance of magnesium supplementation and the forms to focus on and which to avoid
  • Morley’s recommendation for blood donation
  • Why we need trace minerals
  • Morley’s recommendation for B vitamins
  • Where the liver puts the toxins in the detox process
  • Morley’s thoughts on iodine
  • how to get trained in the protocol yourself
  • And more! 

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