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Choosing and Building Your Family Homestead – The Why and the How with Curtis Stone

| Ep. 061

by Sascha Kalivoda

In this episode I have a great conversation with former urban farmer Curtis Stone, now of Curtis gives us a taste of what his platform offers from how to choose your homestead property (there are very specific points to consider), other classes his membership provides and he also shares his views and opinions of the current world climate and what he feels is the best direction in which to focus life activities at this point in time. is a one-stop-shop to choose, set up and be successful at small-scale homesteading. This is a dream for my own life, as I feel that building a self-sustaining property that ensures all aspects of vital human needs for life are ensured, is one of the most meaningful legacies we can create for our families and future generations.

There is a shift for many who are wanting to leave the confines and rules of the city, and Curtis and his team will teach you how to do it all along the way. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get this episode published before his special offer expired.

Though we had load of technical issues with this interview, I think I managed to sew it together so that it is minimally disruptive, and there are no problems with the last 40 minutes at all. So stay tuned in!

In this episode, Curtis shares with us:

  • his early beginnings and how his interest in geo-politics has influenced his life and drive to love on the land
  • how he got into farming and why
  • why he left Kelowna, BC for a greater piece of land in a rural zone
  • what he focuses on as his builds out his homestead to create resilience and independence from the system
  • his opinion as to whether the current BC government will impact his way of life
  • how living among fewer people leads to more freedom
  • how learning the law can support your living the life you want to live
  • why taking responsibility for all aspects of our lives is our duty
  • the main criteria that he uses when assessing whether a property is worthy
  • the 4 areas that need to be satisfied for a homestead property to be viable
  • what a “turn-key A-grade” property means
  • where to find the best value properties in Canada and the US right now
  • considerations for Alberta properties
  • the first thing that he and his team look for when looking to rule out a property
  • his opinions on how close your property should be to a town and how big that town/city should be
  • his thoughts on the timeline of things to come
  • his thoughts on how rising interest rates will impact Canadians
  • how the climate varies within Alberta and why certain areas are more stable than others (this applies worldwide)
  • the climate classification map with reference to Alberta
  • why Calgary’s climate is unpredictable
  • services provided through
  • the 8 forms of capital
  • his point of view as to what to focus on at this time
  • why Curtis prefers a rural lifestyle
  • where to find him and final thoughts
  • and more!

Curtis has so much to offer, through the his own life experiences and lessons he has learned over the years and through the team he has put together, so be sure to check him out!

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Off-Grid with Curtis Stone

Find Curtis on Twitter:

Freedom Farmers

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