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Reconnecting with the Wisdom of Our Herbal Allies with Blaine Andrusek

| Ep. 062

by Sascha Kalivoda

Blaine Andrusek has been teaching on the topic of herbs and healing for over 40 years and was one of the first graduates of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing. He has led a rich life of adventure, learning and teaching and has a great reverence for the natural world around him .

Thanks to his passion (though he never initially intended to become a herbalist or instructor) many have been impacted either as a student, and audience member, a client or a customer.

Blaine has many stories to tell, and much knowledge to spread and in this interview we learn:

  • His early story of living in the wilderness in the middle of winter for 4 months and how he ended up going to Wild Rose College and subsequently becoming an instructor
  • How he ‘fell’ into teaching and into selling his oils and therapeutic skin formulations
  • about mullein, a wonderful herb for the lungs and respiratory tract
  • the many wonders of comfrey
  • the spice to take when you are bleeding to quickly staunch it
  • how tea bags can stop bleeding
  • how comfrey can also stop bleeding due to its tannins
  • how to take comfrey internally to speed up the healing of broken bones
  • the power of allantoin, which is constituent of comfrey
  • how to make concentrated comfrey extract from the leaves and stalks
  • how to make Blaine/s “Super Planetary Wound Gel”
  • How to get essential oils out of your eyes
  • how he saved the leg of a yearling (young horse) that had been attacked
  • how plants are named
  • why Blaine loves plantain and chickweed
  • how to plant comfrey so it is contained
  • how he asks the plants before picks them
  • another plant that one should have around (for pain, bruising, trauma)
  • the ingredients of his burn gel
  • and so many stories of how he healed in various situations

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