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Copper Dosage, Copper and Thyroid Health, Lyme and More with Morley Robbins

| Ep. 063

by Sascha Kalivoda

This is episode #3 with Morley Robbins, creator of The Root Cause Protocol and author of the book Cure Your Fatigue.

Morley is a tireless researcher, constantly searching for those common threads of information and also those pieces of the puzzle that have been missed, ignored or hidden.

In this episode I ask question that I felt I missed in our last conversation (episode #60) around dosing of copper, contraindications, etc, and then we get into some conditions that are affecting so many people these days. Of course we ran out of time, and there are endless places to go with this topic, so we will be back with more!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Morley’s opinions around copper dosing
  • the amount of Cu our ancestors used to get daily
  • how Morley encourages each one to be responsible for their process and to be curious
  • how to know when you’ve hit your Cu sweet spot
  • typical side effects once Cu supplementation has begun, which is due to excess iron removal
  • how Cu is downloaded into baby in last trimester from mom’s liver to baby’s liver
  • a pregnant mother’s increased need for Cu as she prepares to breastfeed
  • nutrients necessary for healthy brain in fetus
  • how supplements high in Fe will cause Cu to not be absorbed
  • childhood ‘labels’ in relation to low Cu
  • how copper has been deficient on the farm for over 80 years
  • how NPK blocks uptake of Cu in root system of plants
  • relative rate mineral chelation by glyphosate
  • how HCFS blocks Cu uptake
  • how the work of Mildred Seelig led her to understand that many of our pharma drugs deplete magnesium
  • Morley’s opinion on cast iron pans
  • auto-immunity – what is really going on?
  • the role fo the spleen in cleaning up the blood and Morley’s new revelations on the spleen
  • the impacts of stress on the spleen
  • the dependence of the PAM enzyme, an enzyme required to activate hormones, on Cu
  • insights on depression
  • thyroid health from the viewpoint of European endocrinologists
  • the fact that T3 is an oxygen sensor and what that entails
  • the relationship of T4 with serum copper and T3 with ceruloplasmin
  • vegans and vegetarians and vitamin A
  • a quick not on Lyme disease
  • effect of the life of a red blood cells in the presence of Mg or Cu defeciency
  • the relationship of parasites, copper and animals according to Pat Coleby, author of many animal husbandry books
  • and more!


There is no doubt that one of our greatest deficiencies these days is around the minerals, get your spark back with proper mineralization!

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