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German New Medicine and Taking the Fear out of “Disease” with Tanya Verquin

| Ep. 064

by Sascha Kalivoda

Finally! I offer you an interview on German New Medicine (GNM) (also referred to as Germanic Healing Knowledge or GHK)!

This is the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a body of knowledge developed after the tragic loss of his son and Dr. Hamer’s resultant testicular cancer 40+ years ago.

Haven’t heard of it? Well, be prepared to have your sickness and disease paradigms completely blown.

Heard of it but want to know more? Then tune in and stay tuned for more interviews on this topic… this area of knowledge is essential for truly taking back our health, understanding how profoundly intelligent our biological design is and how it works FOR us, never against us.

Wouldn’t it allay some fears when you discover that the symptoms and diseases you have been labelled with are actually biological adaptions to help you temporarily and not a lifelong sentence?

Today I share with you my interview with Tanya Verquin, artist and GNM expert who has her own podcast on this very topic (see notes).

Tanya’s life profoundly changed after attending a class on GNM years ago and she has continued to deepen into this knowledge over the years, raising her children from this perspective and building a community of those seeking to fully understand the truth of their biological design.

She teaches us that there is a psyche-brain-organ triad that can never be separated. We are whole and grokking this concept will empower you and drop the fear and trepidation that a diagnosis can bring.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How Tanya’s intro to GNM (or GHK) profoundly changed her and how she raised her children
  • The origin story of GNM
  • The Five Biological Laws explained
  • The criteria that needs to be met for the body to start a biological program
  • The timeline for symptoms to appear after a conflict shock
  • How quickly the cellular adaptations occur
  • That every “disease” (special biological program) runs in 2 phases, provided there is resolution – conflict active and healing phases
  • What symptoms actually are
  • The relationship between healing phase and conflict active phase
  • The tissue groups and how they relate to the brain
  • The actual roles of microbes in our body and their vital role in our disease processes
  • How the psyche, brain, organ triad can never be separated
  • The cases in which the 5 Laws of nature don’t apply
  • The importance of finding the balance between trusting our bodies and being concerned of outer ‘threats’
  • How the the massive increase of sickness in overall society is related to ‘non-biological’ ways of living
  • The role of nutrient depletion in hindering the biological processes
  • My lung story
  • The place of the traditional medicinal approaches in the context of GNM
  • Why in some rare cases resolutions is not recommended
  • How seasonal allergies are consider a ‘track’
  • The biological significance of cavities
  • The lack of access to cranial CT scans
  • Services Tanya offers
  • Why changing one’s self-perception is key to their healing
  • and more!

This is such an important interview and if you received value from it then please share it around!

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