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Reading and Tuning Our Invisible, Subtle Bodies with Rea Tarnava

| Ep. 065

by Sascha Kalivoda

In a time when the majority have people have accepted that the body is a sum total of mechanical parts and not much more, it is imperative to explore the truth of our divine creation and design.

It is time for all of us of humankind to spread our wings far beyond the confines of any box that limits us in any way, and start exploring the truth of who we truly are.

And one aspect of who we are is that we are electrical beings with a magnetic field that extends far past the borders of their seemingly physical outer limits. This is measurable and provable, this is not a theory or woo woo in any way.

When addressing the whole person, when restoring health and coherence, this invisible part of us can’t be ignored.

And not only that, it holds vast information that informs us of where we are stuck, where we are blocked and why we are experiencing much of the symptoms in our bodies.

My guest today is Rea Tarnava, creator of the Infinite Energy Method, scientist, intuitive, inventor and so much more!

Rea is also staunch researcher with a very curious mind, and observer of the scientific method, which backs all the works she does.

She is currently pursuing her PhD, and holds a Masters in Integral Health/Life Physics.

What Rea shares with us in this interview:

  • How Rea started down the path of natural health due to her ailing family members
  • How her curious mind led her to delve into how and why therapeutic touch works, her first foray into energy medicine
  • Rea’s thoughts on the all the energy ‘gadgets’ available today
  • Why Royal Rife’s original work was different than much of today’s technology
  • How our ‘field’ carries information
  • An example of how western medicine would treat a tremor and Rea’s experience and results with a client experiencing a tremor
  • How Rea came to create a new set of tuning forks based on brain wave frequencies
  • A story of Rea’s experience with her custom forks and a client who was having a mental breakdown
  • Tennant therapy explained
  • The range of client concerns that Rea works with
  • Her work related to children and how children can use their own turning forks for self-soothing
  • The relationship between healing time and the time one has been dealing with their concerns
  • Rea’s personal experience with talk therapy after her own diagnosis of PTSD
  • 432 Hz vs. 440Hz
  • 128 Hz, the osteo fork, what it is good for
  • The importance of knowing whether someone is stuck in far sympathetic or parasympathetic dominance
  • Rea’s scientific approach to her methodology
  • Rea’s custom brainwave frequency fork set and applications of each frequency
  • Rea’s work with autism
  • How Rea helps to get the heart ‘online’
  • How to engage with Rea and what she has coming up
  • and more!

It’s time we broaden our view of what the body and health entails. We are so much more than what modern medicine would have us believe, so please share this interview to get the word out!

Rea is also working on a book that should be out by the end of 2024, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well!


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