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I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and un-learn most of it.

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GNM Regarding Microbes and Other Critters – Friends or Foes? with Tanya Verquin

| Ep. 066

by Sascha Kalivoda

Tanya is back with a second interview on the power and wonder of how German New Medicine (GNM) views, interprets and leads to resolving our so-called diseases and ailments.

When we view our issues as biological adaptions manifesting temporarily to help us through an unexpected circumstance, our whole world shifts and softens with a new understanding of how our divine design works for us and not against us.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then listen to episode #64 to get the low down on GNM to understand the content of this conversation better and get more out of it.

In this interview, Tanya enlightens us as to the concept of ‘laterality’ and how that informs many of our symptoms, and then she gets into breaking the myth of needing to protect ourselves from all the microbes and other so-called ‘invaders’ out there.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Potential reasons for why someone would be born with a cyst in their brainstem
  • The Principle of Laterality – how your biological handedness affects where your symptoms will be experienced and who conflicts would be associated with
  • How to determine your ‘biological handedness’, which also applies to animals
  • When the principle of laterality does not apply
  • What earaches mean, and which ear represents what (not based on laterality)
  • Eczema explained
  • A brief explanation of constellations
  • An explanation of why some people are chronically late
  • Dr. Hamer’s explanation of why the microbes, etc. are there and when they become active and when they are dormant
  • How a lung tumour (and other tumours) are broken down and removed by the body
  • When a tumour encapsulates
  • The GNM take on parasites
  • What is living ‘bio-logically’
  • Colds and flus and when symptoms move around
  • Collective conflict shocks… when a family, or a class or a school, etc. all seem to ‘come down’ with something at the same time
  • The effects of chronic, expected stress in relation to biological programs
  • What happens in Tanya’s household when anyone feels ill with symptoms and the conversation that comes up
  • When you may want to interrupt the healing phase
  • What tracks are and how they can lead to hanging healing
  • Shoulder pain example
  • The psyche piece of initiation and resolutions of conflicts
  • How sometimes surgery could be the best choice
  • How all endodermal group tissue conflicts result in tumors
  • How to work with Tanya
  • and more!

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