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The Power of Energy Healing over Conventional Therapy with Dr. Liz Winders

| Ep. 068

by Sascha Kalivoda

Let me introduce you to Dr. Liz Winders, a former clinical psychologist now practicing energy healing.

After experiencing medical maltreatment during the birth of her daughter, Dr. Liz was thrown into a period of trauma and dis-regulation that led her down the path of find energy healing.

Why did Dr. Liz turn to energy healing? It turns out that seeking help within her field did not prove to give her any relief or any results in her own personal life struggles.

So now Dr. Liz, after having found several modalities that did work for her, and rather quickly at that, is now helping others who can’t get past their traumas and blocks with the tools that helped her overcome her trauma and pain.

So if you are someone who can’t seem to overcome and step into your true, powerful and purposeful nature, then listen up as this interview is for you.

Dr. Liz shares with us in this interview:

  • Her beginnings as a trauma specialist and her pain to purpose story after experiencing medical mistreatment
  • How her daugther’s nervous system got dis-regulated as a result of Dr. Liz’s dis-regulation
  • Her underwhelm with the initial therapy she sought out
  • How it took her years to find the first modality that caused a profound shift after only one session
  • How our early years form our self and world-views
  • How her mother-daughter relationship healed as she healed
  • The modalities she focuses on in her practice today
  • TOLPAKAN briefly explained
  • “Divine” muscle testing compared to conventional muscle testing
  • How to work with Dr. Liz
  • Tips for those addicted to their story
  • How she teaches her clients to manifest their desires
  • Abundance challenges – what they are
  • Dr. Liz’s recent manifestation experience
  • About the Emotion Code/Body Code by Dr. Brad Nelson
  • About exposure therapy and EMDR
  • The vagus nerve and how it plays into emotional wellness
  • How Angelic healing looks from Dr. Liz’s perspective
  • How to tune in and work with your guides
  • Tips for someone right now who may be feeling depressed and trapped
  • How chakra work shows up in her practice
  • Dr. Liz’s final words around energy healing and how it may be what you have been overlooking if you have not been able to achieve ease in your life
  • and more!

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