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How to Win in Court – It’s Easier than You Think with Dr. Frederick Graves

| Ep. 070

by Sascha Kalivoda


Ok folks, in a time when we are encouraged to (and often do so) give our power over to the educators, the doctors, the ‘scientists’ and the lawyers because we think we aren’t qualified, this interview is timely and very important.

How many of you know of people who have spent 10’s, maybe 100’s of thousands of dollars on lawyer fees with no resolution and only more headaches?

Why are so many lawyers so willing to take their clients’ money without providing them with full remedy?

It’s time to take it ALL back… our parenting, the education of our children, our health and also our LEGAL matters! It’s not as hard as you think, and Dr. Graves wants to teach you just how easy it is. He is tired of seeing innocent, good people getting screwed by the system.

Dr. Graves, lawyer and former teacher, has always had a strong sense of justice and caught on very early in his career as a lawyer that there are some very basics tenets of law and justice, which led to an excellent track record for successful resolution for his clients.

Dr. Graves has a course, at a very reasonable price that he offers so you too can be successful in court with confidence. His ultimate goal is to get this information to the children so that they can grow up understand the basics of the system to empower their lives and to avoid unnecessary harm in the court system in their adults lives.

He’s got a lot to share, and it’s accessible to everyone!

In this interview Dr. Graves shares with us:

  • His background and how his late entry into law school came about
  • How all case law is simply based on stories
  • How litigation is really not rocket science and how it has basic rules that anyone can learn
  • How you can learn the basic rules of law through is his concise course
  • Why we, the people, need to take control of the judiciary
  • How learning the key elements of any particular case is all you need to be successful in court
  • How the Dean of the largest law school in Florida has stated that legal education is failing in the US
  • How Dr. Graves’s unique earlier years led to his strong sense of justice and how he has always been a campaigner for the innocent
  • The fact that waiting for people in high places to do the right thing is an act of futility
  • Why Dr. Graves looks to pre-WWI books for his legal sources
  • Why the primary principles of American justice are worth fighting for, yet most people, and even lawyers, don’t know what they are
  • Is it ever too late for recourse if a lawyer did not do his job effectively while defending you?
  • How lawyers often don’t do their jobs out of fear of offending the judge
  • The fact that what he teaches in his course is not taught in law school
  • What contempt of court is, and what it isn’t
  • How the law schools are no longer teaching primary principles
  • How it is up to the people to learn these principles
  • How to access his course (we’d appreciate if you used our affiliate link!) and leave a legacy for future generations with this basic yet profound knowledge
  • and more!

If you know of anyone that is in a legal battle, or is about to enter the courts, then they need to know this information! Please pass this on so that more of us can gain greater control of our lives. It’s time we keep our money in our pockets and avoid the opportunistic litigators who simply escalate the controversy to keep themselves on your payroll.

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