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The Fundamental Importance of Lymph Flow to Heal and Change Your Terrain with Kelly Kennedy

| Ep. 071

by Sascha Kalivoda

Finally I’m talking lymph and a bit of fascia. This is a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for a long time, and who better to do this with other than Kelly Kennedy, the ‘Lymph Queen’?

In the western world, we often don’t hear of the lymph being addressed, but this system, which is larger than the blood circulation system, is key to our good health.

Not only does the lymphatic system deliver nutrients, but it is literally our sewer system, and if it isn’t flowing, our sewer backs up, stagnation occurs, and we no longer can access our divine, innate healer within.

After a receiving a biology degree from Cornell and realizing that the topic of health is vast, Kelly began to pursue her own education in classical alternative therapies culminating with a two year intensive in European Bio-Regulatory Medicine. Since then, she has also received her massage license, certification in Cranial Fascia Technique, and is currently studying to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.  

Kelly is the go-to for all things lymph and this is what we get into for our first interview. One hour wasn’t nearly enough time, so stay tuned for the second interview!

  • Kelly’s story of being raised with a sick father, her severe car accident, the epigenetic patterning of her family
  • How after searching for 3 years, her pain was released in one session of emotional releasing and energy work
  • How fascia is where the autonomic NS fibres are
  • Fascia being the frequency fabric of the body
  • How to be free of burdens of the physical body
  • How if you don’t know how the body works, you will never be free
  • The gifts Kelly has gained from recently breaking her elbow
  • How when being honest with how we feel we don’t hold onto our burdens
  • The importance of allowing our bodies to express
  • The need to align and integrate with our bodies
  • How the cells are being signalled
  • The need for the space to drain for cells to clean out
  • The fact that we have 3x lymphatic fluid than blood
  • We can change signalling by cleaning debris that is causing mis-signalling
  • The fact that we have 600 to 1000 lymph nodes
  • The need to move differently and often
  • The vast amount of lymphatic tissue in the body…it’s way more than you think!
  • Functions of lymphatic system
  • How we can’t live for 1 second without a lymph system
  • The intricate relationship between lymph and fascia
  • the whole picture of healing through breath, trust, frequency and resonance
  • How fascia doesn’t like ice
  • How our ‘puffs’ indicate that our filters are clogged
  • How draining and moving the lymph changes your terrain
  • The need to address dental work and scars
  • Importance of opening the nodes
  • Masterclass on scars (see link below)
  • Symptoms often the inability to filter
  • The difference between North America and Europe in how they address the big “C” with respect to lymph
  • How you need to be true to yourself for you health path and work with an advocate
  • How to connect with Kelly
  • and more!

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Scar Masterclass: 

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