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Human Design and Finding Your Purpose and Success in Business with Ros Isbel

| Ep. 072

by Sascha Kalivoda

Ros is back for another episode on Human Design. If you missed the first one, then be sure to listen to episode #46 to get a basic understand of HD and how we can raise healthy, well-adjusted kids and support their unique nature rather than trying to force behaviours and qualities that innately are not theirs.

In this episode, we get into HD and business, finding your purpose and how to form strong partnerships. There are many fascinating tidbits that come up in this interview, so be sure to listen to the whole thing!

Before listening to this episode, go to , enter your particulars, and follow along with your chart in front of you. You will learn some fascinating insights!

In this episode, Ros shares with us:

  • How HD allows you to see on paper who you came here to be
  • How HD is a snapshot of where we were at the time of our birth and the imprint of the celestial objects based on where they were at the time
  • The 5 ‘types’ in HD
  • The strategy for Generators
  • How Manifestors are the only type that is meant to get an idea and go with it
  • How Projectors are meant to be invited to have their knowledge invited out of them
  • How Reflectors reflect back to us what is going on for us
  • The Reflector strategy… hint, don’t rush a Reflector when it comes to major decisions!
  • How knowing the design of your children leads to a whole new understanding of how to relate to them
  • Tactics for idea generation for Generators who need to respond to something outside of themselves
  • How it is extremely important for Generator types to do something that lights them up
  • The importance of why Projectors need to be constantly working on their vibe
  • A word on Reflectors (1% of the population)
  • The not-self theme of the Reflector
  • How Reflectors can be used as a ‘barometer’
  • What ’emotionally defined’ means and how those are defined this way need to ride out their ’emotional wave’ before making bigger decisions
  • How partnerships can be optimized
  • How your HD chart can give you insight as to your life’s purpose
  • How your Neptune numbers show you what you are here to do to serve humanity and get compensated for it
  • How often Projectors struggle working for someone else
  • A quick review of strategies and authourities for each type
  • More on authourities (see video link below for a broader explanation)
  • What it means when your ‘will centre’ is undefined (white) and how it affects how you price your offerings
  • Why doing what many of the highly successful entrepreneurs are telling you to do for your business growth may not be working
  • Some specific gates and what they mean if defined or undefined (super interesting!)
  • The other charts involved in HD
  • The Solar Return chart – how it tells you what energy is coming at you for the coming year
  • How to find Ros and all her offerings, free and paid
  • Ros’s last word on the power of understanding who you are from the perspective of HD
  • and more of course!


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