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Relationship Solutions for Motivated Men and Women with Tymothy Roy

| Ep. 044

by Sascha Kalivoda


Among many things that have taken a hit these past 2 years, high on the list is relationships.

Relationship with Self is on rocky ground with high rates of anxiety and depression. Relationships within families have been destroyed due to divides in opinions and opposing world-views. Primary relationships are under stress and seem to be breaking up all over the place, especially when one or both parties are unwilling to look at their own role in the relationship breakdown.

So today we are talking about relationships…how to get them right, how the masculine and feminine energies differ and how to support them, and many tips to get your relationship back on track.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a love relationship, this material still applies. Everything is relationship, whether it be the love, or lack thereof, you feel for yourself, whether it be the relationship to your morning coffee (are you dead to the world without it or is it a sacred morning ritual?), or the relationship you have with the world around you. Isn’t it time to look at what is driving your relationships and see if they need a tweak?

My guest today is Tymothy Roy, personal and relationship coach, and my partner in life. He is a man on a mission to help you get relationship right and wants you to know how fulfilling it is on the other side with some effort and willingness. He is a student of relationship, and I for one can say that he practices what he preaches.

If we are to move forward successfully in this crazy world, then we need to put some effort into healing our relationships. And, as we learn to be better in relationship, we can be better models for our children and help them to know and feel what a healthy relationship looks like so that they don’t have to go trying to figure it out for themselves.

In this episode Tym tells us about:

  • Why Tym got into the study of relationship and how the divorce of his parents and his repetitive results in his dating history, and finally his dark night of his soul really triggered his deep study of relationships…first with himself and with those around him
  • How the study of trust law inspired his relationship framework, two seemingly unrelated topics
  • How authentic relationship with another requires introspection of relationship with self
  • One of Tym coaching principles on expectations
  • The importance of ‘willingness’ in relationship
  • The main reason why relationships fail
  • Tym’s relationship model of the 3-legged stool
  • The 6 Human Needs in relationship
  • How men and women ‘leak’
  • How the relationship you get is a match for the energy you are resonating
  • One realization that can be a real game changer for people regarding their self-awareness
  • Tym’s answer to those who believe that they suck at relationships
  • How your needs will be met…but the result could be constructive or destructive
  • How the masculine and feminine roles differ in relationship and how to support each of them so that they can hear and feel it
  • The importance of cultivating emotional intelligence
  • Tym’s ‘WTF’ protocol
  • The difference in how the feminine and masculine recharge
  • What Tym is up to and the opportunity for people looking for relationship help with Getting Relationship Right
  • A simple tip that all relationships can benefit from

I hope you enjoy this interview. I think it is a very valuable one. Please share!

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